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He may just be the most controversial singer from Canada…but, boy can he sing!!  Here are a few words from Sebastian Bach!

Question: Almost coming off the heels of “Kicking and Screaming”, you give us a brand new kick - ass record!!  What have you done differently with “Give ‘Em Hell”?

Answer: I have not done anything differently on any of my albums. Ever since the first Skid Row album I make albums that I dig myself. Usually when I dig them, other people do too.

Q: For this recording, you have been successful in bringing in some varied musicians, was this to get a different feel for the songs, or were you reaching for something else?

A: No. I was trying to meet a deadline. And I am glad I did. It made for a very energetic record.  I called up my friends to collaborate on music with me. It just so happens that some of my friends are Duff McKagan, Steve Stevens and John 5.

Q: I absolutely love your version of “Rock N’ Roll Is a Vicious Game”. How did this come about?

A: I am always looking for a good slower song to sing. This is always been one of my favorite songs. It's a commentary on working with some younger musicians that don't understand that rock 'n roll is indeed a vicious game.

Q: Sebastian, you have a deep sense of family, which extends to the musicians you play with as well as celebrating the artistic work of your Father… Please tell us how you did this with the new album?

A: One of my dad's paintings is included in the packaging of the record.

Q: As always, what we hear musically from you is a collection of very high energy pieces of Work! How do you keep this energy level up?

A: Lots of coffee!

Q: In the past couple of years, you have been hitting the stage quite a bit… Can we look forward to some more intensive touring?

A: Yes I have about 50 or 60 shows coming up. All of the tour dates are at Sebastian Bach.com/tour

Q: Who will make up the live band?

A: Bobby Jarzombek will be on the drums, I am happy to say...

Q: Getting back to “Give ‘Em Hell”, you have utilised Producer Bob Marlette’s skills once again. Obviously you work well together… Tell me, does he encourage you to push your talents — as I hear this on not only this record, but on “Kicking And Screaming” as well…

A: Bob really knows how to capture my voice in the studio and even more importantly a Helsley figure out melody lines. I have such a big range in my voice that I sometimes appreciate his help figuring out where to put a song vocally. I love working with Bob Marlette and also Tom Baker who mastered the album...

Q: Your music career has been very successful, Sebastian, and maybe this is an unfair question-however, what does Sebastian Bach see that he has not achieved in music?

A: I am too busy right now to think of anything else that I need to do haha!

Q: Congratulations on this new album, hope to see you in your home country of Canada, giving us all hell!!

A: Canada has nice jails.


In 2011 he came back “Kicking and Screaming”, in 2014 he is about to “Give ‘Em Hell”!!  Sebastian Bach has delivered an iconic performance in this, his latest! Everything on this album is a number 11+!! From the music performed, the song writing, and of course Mr. Bach’s voice! Teaming up with some top-notch and familiar players, Duff McKagan-Steve Stevens, John 5 and Devin Bronson, with the master stickman: Bobby Jarzombek. These five lay down some very molten music allowing Sebastian to exercise his unique vocal stylings right of the scale. Onslaught after onslaught, “Give ‘Em Hell” just pushes forward with every track! Hard rock at its finest!! Even on the quieter moments, Sebastian soars off the scales with his fiery and emotional delivery. The man even pays homage to fellow Canadians with his excellent rendition of April Wine’s “Rock N’ Roll Is a Vicious Game”. “Give ‘Em Hell” is an album that pushes the envelop, even beyond the extraordinary talents of this unique Rock Vocalist. Sebastian Bach has gone to levels he hasn’t reached before! “Give ‘Em Hell”, yes! And then some!! Bruce Atkinson (98/100)

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