Let The Festivals Begin

The Festival… season has begun in the Okanagan!  This coming weekend it is the Summerland Action Festival!... with more than a truckload of Regional and Local Talent!  In addition, of course, are other attractions and community based activities.  The 3-day Music Fest is in Summerland City Park, and throughout Summerland are related events such as the Baseball tournament, a Triathlon, Children’s Carnival  and of course the Annual Parade!

Regarding the musical line-up: there will be “The Saint James”, “Barracuda”-(you guessed it-an extraordinary tribute to Heart), “Slam Dogs”-with members from both Prism and Headpins!-and “Papa Wheely”, “Silent Alarm” and of course much more! 

The festivities begin on Friday June 6th and run throughout Summerland until Sunday June 8th.  Please, don’t forget the Action Fest Dance of Saturday June 7th—going from 9pm to 1am, and featuring “March Hare”.  Tickets for this event are only $10 and available throughout.   Below is a complete list of Musical Talent:



Friday June 6

NFA - No Fixed Address                                                            6:00 pm

Opening Ceremonies                                                                 7:00 pm

The Saint James                                                                        7:30 pm

Barracuda - Heart Tribute                                                          9:00 pm



Saturday June 7

Talent Showcase  - Tiana & Katie,  Beamer Wigley                11:00 am

Mat Dufus - Children’s Entertainer                                          11:45 am

Plan C                                                                                      1:00  pm

Slam Dogs (members of Prism/Headpins)                               2:00  pm

Worms Hate Rain                                                                     3:30  pm

Pugs and Crows (Juno winners)                                               5:30  pm


Sunday June 8

Mat Dufus Children’s Entertainer -                                           11:15 am

Silent Alarm                                                                              12:15 pm

Soul Power                                                                               12:50 pm

Worms Hate Rain                                                                      1:30  pm

Papa Wheely                                                                              2:40 pm

LegZZ  - ZZ Top Tribute                                                             4:00 pm


From last week’s column…here is that “Cage The Gods” video…

Under The Lights

Upcoming Club/Concert Highlights:

Notable Concerts:  

South Okanagan Events Centre (Penticton):     Kenny Rogers:   June 12th   John Fogerty:  November 27th 

Funtastic: (Vernon)  Nazareth:   June 27th 

Prospera Place:  Heart:  June 28th

Kenny Shields & Streetheart:   July 18th at Summer Stomp  (Sicamous)

Talent Line-up: Thursday August 21st:  Alias—Coney Hatch—Teenage Head—Alkatine— Friday August 22ndKatey Sagal & the Forest Rangers—Canned Heat—Nick Gilder & Sweeney Todd—Killer Dwarfs-- Saturday August 23rd:  “Burton Cummings—Moxy—Molly Hatchet—Jasmine Cain—Sunday August 24th: The Stampeders—Jerry Doucette—The Carpet Frogs with Greg Goddovitz—Franklin’s Dealers—plus much, much more!!

  …if you have a musical story or news and would like me to write something… drop me a line at:  [email protected]  and let’s celebrate Kelowna’s rich and varied music community together!!

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