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Over the last couple of weeks…I’ve been swamped with assignments from the overseas magazines I contribute too-now this isn’t a complaint, just an observation.  One that drew me back to something I wrote in this column several years ago…and that is the emergence of a true Rock Revival!  At the time of the first story, there were several groups coming out of Europe that were raising the Hard Rock banner high, some of these groups are, sadly, not around anymore-and some are still making waves around the globe, such as “The Answer”.  Working on these assignments, I have been given to observe that this trend seems to be playing itself out again! 

Several new groups and a couple of veteran musicians teaming up with younger ones are bringing that solid Rock sound back, and making it all Radio Friendly to boot!  I had the honour to Review the debut of “Cage The Gods”!  This UK outfit are at the pinnacle of this second wave of ‘Rock Revivalists’.  A group that doesn’t fall far from the Led Zeppelin tree.  No, they are not a copy—there is sense of a 21st Century attitude about these guys, and that ever so important attention to what Radio may play. 

Reaching across the other side of the globe is a group out of Australia: “Massive” is their name and no holds barred Rock is, of course, their game! 

Yet, another five piece from the UK is a member of this second wave as well. “BlackWolf” will take you back to all of those Rock giants of the 1970’s—and again with that special 21st Century attitude! And we cannot forget from Canada, and Vancouver! -“No Sinner”…Blues-Rock at its best, fronted by a female vocalist that have many thinking of Janis Joplin!  So, in future issues of this column, expect  to hear more on the aforementioned musical mavericks—and a few more.

Another revelation, if we can call it that I had —is the fact that Frontiers seems to be signing up many veteran Artists that have brand new material to offer!  A couple of examples is of course “California Breed”, featuring Glenn Hughes and Jason Bonham and a hot young guitar player…their self-titled debut is now out, what a rockin’ groove this one is!  There is “Night Ranger”, with brand material and not to be out done-“Ted Nugent”!  “Winger”, “Tesla”, and “Journey” are also signed to Frontiers, but not just the group—Lead guitarist Neal Schon of “Journey” has released two solo albums on the label.  His latest is “So U’, and it is certainly a scorcher!  Frontiers is continually supporting musicians, both those of veteran status and the young up- coming greats…and again, keep your eye on this column for news and updates on these magnificent minstrels!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll leave you with this one from “Cage The Gods”…enjoy!

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Konquer Motorcycles:  Loverboy:  May 31st 2014

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