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Sometimes it takes a very long time to cook up a Masterpiece, and this is just what happened to “Vanishing Point”!  A Progressive-Rock group in the first degree, we haven’t heard a thing since 2007’s “The Fourth Season”.  All that is about to change—the group have a brand new album and their “road legs” strapped on!  

Question: “Distant Is The Sun” marks your fifth album, and an apt title - since your last Recorded Work was in 2007. Why the long time in releases?

Answer: A lot has happened since then battling through life’s ups and downs I guess made things extremely challenging for me and my fellow band mates. When we came off touring with Sonata Arctica we hit a bit of a slow patch where a couple of members decide to pursue other musical tastes. Then trying to find their replacements wasn’t an easy task but we got there in the end.

Q: You have stayed the course, true to your own vision…has this poised some challenges?

A: Staying true to the Vanishing Point sound is always an easy thing to do. We have this saying or motto that we use every time we create music that is, if we were the listener, is this good enough that we could we bring ourselves to buy this music. This means no taking shortcuts in the writing process; it means creating music that we feel will last a lifetime, timeless!

Q: Let’s go deeper in to the recording of “Distant Is The Sun”, when did you start to write for this project, and what did you do that was different from your other recordings?

A: I think it was around the beginning of 2010 we began. The biggest difference with this recording was that its was written and mostly created solely by Chris my guitar player and long life friend. With the some of the other original members not in the band anymore it kind of gave us a free range of creating something we totally wanted. And that’s exactly what Chris has created here… I didn’t really contribute a great deal, I mean sure that is my voice you hear but a lot of the lyrics Chris created also. We would get together and go over things together creating melodies and lyric refinements etc.. Also I’d say every Vanishing Point Album was written in a rehearsal room, where I guess this time around it was created in a home studio. That s probably all the differences I can think of.

Q: Tell us the special circumstances surrounding “Circle Of Fire”…

A: Tony Kakko was the special circumstance!  No secret that the boys from Sonata are really good friends of ours and it was just a pleasure and honour to have Tony bless us all with his talent.

Q: Overall, are you happy with the end result of “Distant Is The Sun”, and is this record something of a “comback” album?

A: Yes you could say that , but in saying that we never really went anywhere.  Just we into hibernation for a while but we are awake, very well rested and ready to smash the world all over with the sounds of VP for a long time to come.

Q: No strangers to touring, what are your plans for 2014? Are you preparing to bring this fabulous record to the world’s stages?

A: World stages are where we plan to be! We are just dying to get back out on the road to share this album in a live sense with you all. So please stay tune to any touring news that may come out in the future.

A group true to their name, “Vanishing Point” have just released their fifth effort! This Australian outfit haven’t released anything since 2007. Now, 2014 has changed all of that with “Distant Is The Sun”! Fourteen suburb slices of Melodic Metal-“Vanishing Point” have returned with a vengeance! A full-on Progressive musical expression, the group drives through the metal spectrum with such pieces as “King Of Empty Promises”, “When Truth Lies”, and the title track: “Distant Is The Sun”. Full of melody and muscle, this quintet are serious about what they create. A twin guitar attack elevates each performance to heights that match the hefty vocals of Silvio Massaro. A collection of harddriving numbers that constantly shows the strength and musical genius of each of the members. A combined set of talent that should set this “Distant Is The Sun” to a most rewarding climb back to the top! “Vanishing Point” are not vanishing anymore!! Bruce Atkinson (90/100)

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Upcoming Club/Concert Highlights:

The Blue Gator: (Sunday Evenings: ‘Okanagan Spotlight’-with Jimmy LeGuilloux: begins May 4th )               Moni Funk:  May 23rd & May 24th  Young ‘Uns:  May 29th    Zamboni Brothers:  May 30th & 31st

Dream Café:  Timewalkers:  May 24th 

Doc Willoughby’s Downtown Pub:    Pigeon Park:  May 23rd  Raygun Cowboys:  May 30th

Minstrel Café:    Jo And The Soul:  May 23rd   The Rowdymen:   May 30th

O’Flannigan’s Pub:   Jimmy LeGuilloux Band:  May 23rd    

Notable Concerts:  

Konquer Motorcycles:  Loverboy:  May 31st 2014

South Okanagan Events Centre (Penticton):     Kenny Rogers:   June 12th   John Fogerty:  November 27th 

Funtastic: (Vernon)  Nazareth:   June 27th 

Prospera Place:  Heart:  June 28th

Kenny Shields & Streetheart:   July 18th at Summer Stomp  (Sicamous)

Talent Line-up: Thursday August 21st:  Alias—Coney Hatch—Teenage Head—Alkatine— Friday August 22ndKatey Sagal & the Forest Rangers—Canned Heat—Nick Gilder & Sweeney Todd—Killer Dwarfs-- Saturday August 23rd:  “Burton Cummings—Moxy—Molly Hatchet—Jasmine Cain—Sunday August 24th: The Stampeders—Jerry Doucette—The Carpet Frogs with Greg Goddovitz—Franklin’s Dealers—plus much, much more!!

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