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So before we embark on this week’s little story—“Spring’s A Bloomin’ pt.2” will appear next week with a feature on a local bluesman that is tearing up the stages with renewed vigor!  

There is trend of late that some long established musical Artists are re-emerging after protracted silences.  “Ring Of Fire”, has re-emerged after a nine year silence with their strongest offering yet.  Working on the latest Melodic Rock magazine I had the chance to interview and review one of Australia’s premier rock groups—“Vanishing Point”—whom after seven years have released their fifth album, and again looking stronger than ever.  And then there is “Silent Voices”…a Progressive Rock outfit that have just broken their silence!-Here is a little of their story:

Bruce Atkinson:   So, it is most appropriate to begin with Welcome Back!! A seven year hiatus and now a fantastic release in “Reveal The Change”, care to tell us what happened?

Timo Kauppinen:   Thank you very much! Ok, fast forwarding to back in spring 2006 when we released our previous album Building Up The Apathy... We had quite a successful tour in Finland and there were also plans from our labels to have opening shows for French Adagio in Europe and in Japan but somehow it never happened. I think Michael wasn’t very happy with the band at the time and when these shows in Europe didn’t happen he decided to leave the band. Instead of desperately searching for a new vocalist the rest four of us just decided to take a break for a while to concentrate on our other projects. Then sometimes in 2008 we found ourselves again jamming together and we started writing new material for new album. Actually we recorded all the basic tracks, drums, bass and rhythm guitars for this album already then back in 2008. We didn’t have a deadline with this album so that’s why this was quite a slow process. We just worked whenever we had the time from our other bands and projects.

BA: Staying with your current creation; “Reveal The Change”, you have assembled a fine group of guest vocalists, was this difficult in getting the essence of each song portrayed or just the opposite-in where each vocalist added that something special?

TK:   I think it was the opposite as during writing and recording this album we didn’t have a clue who will be singing them. We recorded all the tracks just instrumentally and much later we were figuring out all the melodies and lyrics. Then someone threw in an idea to ask some of our all time favourite vocalists if they are interested to sing some songs for our upcoming album. So we didn’t write songs to any particular guests in mind, we just wrote a new album and then later we asked all the different vocalists to sing a song which we thought would fit perfectly with their voices. Teemu Koskela sang all the demo tracks and then we just sent songs to the vocalists who recorded them and then sent back to us. All the guests on the album are absolutely amazing, they really did a great job and they absolutely added something special to each track.

BA: “Reveal The Change” is such a brilliant Work. Each of your Talents come shinning through, a solid expression… The recording sessions must have been supercharged!

TK:   Well, thanks a lot. Regarding the sessions itself, we worked at an easy pace when everyone had the time so it was rather like a peacefully journey this time without any rush. Of course we always try to push ourselves in the studio and try to keep the high level according to songs but I’d say the whole atmosphere during the sessions was very comfortable.

Silent Voices  “Reveal The Change”
Inner Wound Recordings
Review by: Bruce E.J. Atkinson 

“Reveal The Change” marks the un-silencing of this top drawer Progressive Rock group1  A seven year silence is now no more!—playing loudly and strengthening their collective musical prowess.  The original four have regrouped: Henrik Klingenberg on Keyboards, Paul Kauppinen on Bass, Jukka-Pekka Koivisto on Drums/Percussion, and Timo Kauppinen on guitar. These four plus, are reclaiming their rightful place in the higher echelons of the  Progressive music galaxy.  Joined by Vocalist Teemu Koskela, this Finnish five piece have grown leaps & bounds through their self-imposed exile.

"Reveal The Change” displays brilliant song crafting, musicianship and an original take on all that is considered Progressive Metal.  This album also plays host to a plethora of guest vocalists!  Adding a new sense of adventure to an already adventuresome disc!

Finely textured and even more finely structured, “Reveal The Change” could be considered a ‘comeback’ album.  Each musical composition is performed with deep confidence, and although certainly progressive—contains an organic sound that reveals the richness and depth of each members individual Talents.  Extraordinarily done so without comprising or overshadowing any individual player.

Silent Voices should not stay silent again.  We are more than ready to hear their changes!

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Notes & News:  He is at it again!!...Rann Berry has created yet another Revue!—immersing himself and his bandmates in to some of the most compelling Rhythm & Soul.  Saturday April 12th will see Rann and his R&B All Star Band take to the Gateway 21 stage…so get ready to have you socks rocked off!  Oh! yeah—bring your dancing shoes!

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