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I have always been a fan of Stefan Berggren, ever since he joined up with the original rhythm section of “Whitesnake”!  He has performed his way across Europe and the UK for years, building a rock-solid reputation amongst Hard-Rock Blues lovers.  It was only a question of time before he happened upon equally strong musicians to form what will become a bright star in the musical sky!

Bruce Atkinson: Let’s begin with how and when you met Lee…

Stefan Berggren: I meet Lee for the first time 2005 in Friedrichshafen southern Germany. Where they make the Big Zeppelin Luft ships. I played with M3- Classic Whitesnake Lee played with Uriah Heep. We meet in the bar after the show. Lee was talking to Bernie Marsden bout Ozzy & Whitesnake stuff I thought they looked very funny together those big fellows. (the Evil twins) so I said hi. A couple of years later we ended up in Zürich (Swiss) & did some more shows. This time together in the same Band, but not under the flag BKB. Among others we did the club Z7, supporting Nazareth & the EarthBand. We went down like a storm. The song repertoire at the time was mostly Heep, Ozzy and some Whitesnake songs .We only did 1 original Berggren Song "Back to the Blues" a song I wrote for the Company of Snakes on the "Burst the Bubble" album. We really enjoyed playing together...

Bruce: At this time, you were with M3, correct? Did you and Lee have any idea that the result of your meeting would translate into a brand new band?

Stefan: No Not at all! That took a longtime. We played some more shows in souther germany (Swiss) over the years together since 2007-2010 but we never had the chance to write anything. In 2011 Lee phoned me up and asked if I could do to do a acoustic show with him in Helsinki (Finland). After the show I had a couple of hours before my flight back to Stockholm. So we decided to go to our friends Matti & Tuija Takala’s Summer house to hangout. I knew Lee had penned plenty of great Ozzy Osbourne & Uriah Heep songs in the past. I also thought that this could be last time I see him. So I wanted to check him out and see If he still had it (the song writing). They had some guitars in the house. I started to show some riffs & ideas, Lee started immediately to sing a long and jam with me. The material that we came up with was pure magic. We cannot thank Matti & Tuija enough for putting us together, they also providing us with an unlimited amount of Chardonnay. Which gave us the incredible inspiration to come up with 7-8 really amazing song ideas, on a very short amount of time that afternoon.

Bruce: When did the two of you solidify the concept of the Berggren Kerslake Band?

Stefan: In Helsinki (Finland) We where both looking for a band. We decided there & then to form BERGGREN KERSLAKE BAND & do an album together.

Bruce: “The Sun Has Gone Hazy” is about to be released… What are your hopes with this record? Are you going to be touring the record and if so, where can we hope to see you?

Stefan: We hope that people gonna Like the CD as much as we do. We put our feelings, sweat, tears & laughter into this album & we hope you gonna feel it. We definitely gonna do some shows with this band In Scandinavia & all over Europe.

The last time I saw Stefan Berggren was when he was in “M3”, he blew me away then and he does now! This teaming, of Stefan and Lee Kerslake-a most amazing
Drummer, plus Thomas Thorberg on Bass, is a Rock solid power trio! From the opening of “Walk Tall” to the potent “Born Again”… ”The Sun Has Gone Hazy” may have, but these guys and their music certainly hasn’t!! Immerse yourself in this great slice of bluesy hard rock-an album that is elegantly
performed and produced. From track to track we are caught up in a wave of blues-tinged Rockers full of emotive soul. Such songs as “Free”, “Fools Asleep” and, of course, the title cut solidify this trio’s intensions. The Berggren Kerslake Band are here to stay! “The Sun Has Gone Crazy” is a fitting debut for these multi talented veteran musicians!!


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Upcoming Club/Concert Highlights:

The Blue Gator: (Wednesday Night Blues with Poppa Dawg-every Wednesday)       Forty Foot Fred:  March 20th     Jimmy LeGuilloux Band:  March 21st & 22nd    Zamboni  Brothers:   March 27th & 28th  & 29th  Young’Uns:   April 3rd & 4th    The Journeymen:   April 11th & 12th 

Doc Willoughby’s Downtown Pub:    The Wild:  March 21st   Cowpuncher:  March 29th                              The Skinny:  April 5th     Rude City Riot:  April 18th

The Green: (Vernon)   Sunday Night Jams-featuring  GTR   

Lake City Casino (Lounge):   Gorden James:  March 21st & 22nd    

O’Flannigan’s Pub:  Jimmy LeGuilloux Band:   April 4th & 5th   Rockaholicks:   Apr. 11th

Notable Concerts:  

Prospera Place:    ZZ Top:  March 20th  Yes:   March 21st   Collective Soul:   April 4th

Kelowna Community Theatre:    Jann Arden:   March 29th   Johnny Clegg Band:  April 27th   

South Okanagan Events Centre (Penticton):     Florida Georgia Line:   April 10th   Kenny Rogers:   June 12th

Interior Savings Centre (Kamloops):   George Thorogood & The Destroyers:   May 1st 2014 

Notes and News:     Can you believe it!!?—KISS celebrate 40!     Rival Sons are readying for their fourth release      Neal Schon of Journey has teamed up with blues-bassist Marco Mendoza and Deen Castronovo, creating a “blues-infused fusion” album!  The album is already finished and will hit the streets in May!     


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