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In keeping with showcasing visionary people in the music industry, here is an individual that not only is a music lover, and fan-- but an influential person whose vision encompasses the forming of potential “supergroups”.  I’ve written about him and his organisation before, here is a little background—just to refresh your memory:  He is a singular individual, a music lover, a music fan, whom had a vision…a straight forward vision, but one that was and is profound.  In the modern music world of instant gratification, stymied radio programming and formulated ‘pop’ stars, there is one that believes in the old fashioned work ethic, respect of Artists and the production of real Rock music.  Within his vision, there is room to expand the musical spectrum, explore the musical frontier and pay homage to those pioneers of Rock that blazed the trails in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Who is this individual?  None other than the President of the largest independent European recording label, Serafino Perugino; President and Founder of Frontiers’ Records!  As said, his was and is a simple straight forward vision…to create an organisation that would bring back the high art of Melodic Rock to the masses.  With such a straight forward and vast vision, one may think that this one person may have the ego as big as Texas!  He doesn’t…he is a humble, down to earth, and a generous being.  He simply has taken his love of Melodic Rock and placed it back where it should be, in the upper stratosphere of the Rock Music spectrum.

Beginning in 1996, Serafino established a distribution organisation in his native country of Italy.  Independently distributing Melodic Rock Artists, it did not take long for Serafino to begin executing the next phase of his Vision. 

Two years in to the existence of Frontiers, Serafino took the next step and formed Frontiers into a recording label.  1998 saw their first release: a release that displayed the insight of this man.  A new band was making an impact in Great Britain, a band that was steeped in the Melodic Rock genre, one with influences worn on their collective sleeves from Toto to Styx.  The group was ‘Ten’, and the first Frontiers’ release was their double live record, ‘Never Say Goodbye’.  Most aptly done, here was a fledgling Company dedicated  to bringing back to the forefront, epic Rock music, celebrating the Artistry of veteran groups and musicians…encouraging them to explore new plateaus and giving them a vehicle to do so with…and their first international release?—an album entitled ‘Never Say Goodbye’!!

Since that time, Frontiers continued to seek out Masters of the Melodic Rock world, encouraging these Artists to fully express themselves in music and performance.  Serafino and his label created an atmosphere for veteran Artists to realise their creative cravings, celebrating their past work and embracing their current musical journeys.  Frontiers was and is successful in bringing to the forefront, new material from such groups as Journey, Loverboy, Coney Hatch, and a multitude of others.  Not only does Serafino embrace these Artists, but he envisions certain musicians playing together, writing together—bringing musicians together that otherwise would not join forces.  Two cases—the brand new Power Trio that boasts Glenn Hughes and Jason Bonham as members of -“California Breed”.

Another Power Trio is “Three Lions”, coming out of Great Britain.  “Three Lions” began their roar when Serafino:  President of Frontiers introduced each of the members.  The three; Vinny Burns, Greg Morgan, and Nigel Baily found an immediate common musical connection.  All three are veterans of British Hard Rock, paying their dues through such bands as “Dare”, and “Ten”.  The trio were put together with Producer, Alessandro Del Vecchio, who himself, is an acclaimed musician!  The result?—A traditional Hard Rock trio following the musical rivers of Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy and others.  The group is not just a recording project; they are a touring outfit as well.  The debut album; “Three Lions” was recorded during last year, and the group toured Great Britain opening for “Snakecharmer”.  “Three Lions” will be released worldwide in April.

Just another example of how one individual’s vision can turn to inspiration and change the face of Rock Music on a global scale.

Under The Lights

Upcoming Club/Concert Highlights:

The Blue Gator:   Zamboni Brothers:  Feb. 13th   Jimmy LeGuilloux Band:   Feb. 14th & 15th   Young ‘Uns:   Feb. 21st Feb. 22nd   Zamboni Brothers:  Feb. 27th  Moni Funk:  Feb. 28th

Doc Willoughby’s Downtown Pub:   The Steadies:  Feb. 15th   Dope Soda:  Feb. 21st 

The Green: (Vernon)   Sunday Night Jams-featuring  GTR   

O’Flannigan’s Pub:   Chuck Norris Band:  Feb. 14th

Lake City Casino:  JC Wilson:  Feb. 14th & 15th   Tom Vanunan:   Feb. 21st   Aaron Halliday:  Feb. 22nd  Floyd Vedan Band:   Feb. 28th 

Level Niteclub:    Zakk Wylde:  Feb. 15th    Death Angel with Special guests-Tyr:   Feb. 24th     

Notable Concerts:  Gateway 21:  Blues Brothers:  Feb. 14th  

Prospera Place:   Hedley:   Feb. 15th    Chicago:  March 13th    ZZ Top:  March 20th Yes:   March 21st 2014

Kelowna Community Theatre:  The Johnny Clegg Band:  April 27th 

South Okanagan Events Centre (Penticton):       Kenny Rogers:  February 27th    Florida Georgia Line:   April 10th

Interior Savings Centre (Kamloops):  Hedley:   February 16th   George Thorogood & The Destroyers:   May 1st 2014 

Vernon & District Performing Arts Centre:   Bryan Adams:   February 25th             The Wailers:   March 15th 


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