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Under the Lights

More Rock?

As promised…a few predictions for 2014: 

Let me start with a couple of local groups…the immensely talented foursome: the Flu, saw the release of their debut album in 2013.  The debut has garnered many critically acclaimed reviews nation-wide, and should continue in 2014.  As for 2014, I predict the group will make significant inroads internationally.  Creating a ‘buzz’ across the UK and Europe, and the release of “Manhattan” will further cement the groups’ future.  Also, don’t be surprised if the Flu’s debut achieves ‘gold’ status, right here in Canada!!

Another talented group from the Okanagan, “Fields Of Green” will re-assert themselves.  The upcoming second effort will also see international action.  The group should look forward to a year of gathering momentum, taking them to ever higher levels across Canada and beyond. 

And another independent Canadian Artist that I wrote briefly about; Craig Baceda, known as “One And Only” will continue ‘Shredding The Mindset’ during 2014.  A year of building, this highly talented and visionary Artist will see more attention coming his way in the next twelve months, initially in Canada and then beyond.

 Here is another prediction from my crystal ball…straight-up Hard Rock is poised to make a ‘comeback’.  The overall term ‘Hard Rock’ contains such styles as “Blues-rock”, “Hard Rock” and “Melodic Progressive Rock”…these genres and others will make major waves in 2014.  Artists such as Sass Jordan, Boston, Nazareth, Loverboy, and others will form the vanguard, making the year 2014 become the ‘comeback’ year of note!  New material from these and others will find their way onto mainstream radio, increased Digital sales, and yes, increasing CD sales domestically!  Younger Artists as well, such as Rival Sons, The Answer, and Saint Jude will contribute to this Rock comeback!  2014 will give all of us Rockers something to shout for!—just wait and see!

“The Royal Sessions”, Paul Rodgers’ personal salute to his influences, will be released in January 2014!  Paul painstakingly recorded these sessions with original analogue equipment whenever possible.  The result, an album filled with heart and soul, from a man that only could deliver such!  “The Royal Sessions” should be on every music lovers’ list of “must haves”, an album that will set the tone for the upcoming year! 

To all my readers…the best for the next year, may 2014 be filled with prosperity and success for each and every one!      

Bruce E.J. Atkinson    

Under The Lights

Upcoming Club/Concert Highlights:

The Blue Gator:   Jimmy LeGuilloux Band:  Dec. 27th & 28th   Zamboni Brothers:  Jan. 2nd   Pappa Dawg:  Jan. 3rd & 4th   Orio:   Jan. 9th   Young ‘Uns:   Jan. 10th & 11th  

Dream Café:  Gary Comeau & The Voodoo Allstars:  Dec. 26th/27th & 28th   Jim Byrnes:  January 24th & 25th (2014)

Doc Willoughby’s Downtown Pub:  Whiskey Songs:  Dec. 28th

Flashbacks:   Down With Webster:   January 30th (2014)

Grateful Fed Bar & Grill:    Paperboy:  Dec. 27th   -CD Release event-

The Green: (Vernon)   Sunday Night Jams-featuring  GTR   

The Minstrel Café:  Devon Coyote:  Dec. 27th     Pappa  Dawg  Blues:  Dec. 28th

Lake City Casino:   Rann Berry & The Random Act:   Dec. 31st (New Year’s Eve) 

Notable Concerts:  

Prospera Place:   Blue Rodeo:   January 6th/2014   Hedley:   Feb. 15th   Yes:   March 21st 2014

Kelowna Community Theatre:  Matt Anderson:   February 2nd   The Johnny Clegg Band:  April 27th 

South Okanagan Events Centre (Penticton):       The Band Perry:  January 9th-2014   Barenaked Ladies:   January 19th   Kenny Rogers:  February 27th 

Interior Savings Centre (Kamloops):  Hedley:   February 16th   George Thorogood & The Destroyers:   May 1st 2014


                 …if you have a musical story or news and would like me to write something… drop me a line at:  [email protected]  and let’s celebrate Kelowna’s rich and varied music community together!!.....


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