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Bits & Pieces

Just to round out the year…here are some bits and pieces: 

By now, most of us know about the forced retirement of Dan McCafferty of Nazareth.  Due to health reasons, Dan cannot perform live any longer, however he can still record and has!  The very latest Nazareth album will feature the unique vocal styling’s of this veteran rocker!  Expect the new tracks early in 2014.

Earlier this month, Queen secured a very important deal with the Universal Music Group.  Among the multitude of projects being planned, early 2014 will see some rare and thus far, unreleased material from the group, with some of it featuring Freddie Mercury!  Out now is the latest solo effort from Roger Taylor, “Fun On Earth””—another masterpiece from the Queen drummer!

At one point, I mused about why this group are not a “household” name!  The UK based Quireboys have been the modern day working man’s band.  The group’s latest “Beautiful Curse” has given the boys a boost—the pre-sales were sold out!  They undertook an October UK tour that did the same, and recorded one of their performances for an upcoming DVD!  With this performance, the lads dug deep in to their catalogue and brought forth an amazing slate of pure Rock!  This future live document of the London Quireboys should be a scorcher.

When I last talked with Mr. Paul Rodgers, over a year ago, he had mentioned that he was quite excited about –then- a special recording project.  This effort finds Paul paying tribute to his own influences…bringing forth the soulful textures of his amazing voice.  His tributes include interpretations from the likes of Sam Cooke, Albert King and Otis Redding!  The album takes its name from the recording studio, in which, Paul recorded—Royal Studios in Memphis.  “The Royal Sessions” will see the light of day in January…an immediate ‘must have’!

Hope you click on “Under The Lights” next weekend for some of my predictions for 2014…until then, in however way you celebrate this time of year, may it be with Love, Warmth, and Respect!  Thank-you for supporting this column all through 2013, and we hope to bring you more Rock n’ Roll throughout 2014!

Bruce E.J. Atkinson    

Under The Lights

Upcoming Club/Concert Highlights:

The Blue Gator:    Zamboni Brothers:  Dec. 19th

Dream Café:  Gary Comeau & The Voodoo Allstars:  Dec. 26th/27th & 28th

Doc Willoughby’s Downtown Pub:  Devon Coyote:  Dec. 20th    Whiskey Songs:  Dec. 28th

Flashbacks:   Down With Webster:   January 30th (2014)

Grateful Fed Bar & Grill:    Paperboy:  Dec. 27th   -CD Release event-

The Green: (Vernon)   Sunday Night Jams-featuring  GTR   

The Minstrel Café:  The Rowdymen:   Dec. 20th   Fighting Orange:  Dec. 21st  Devon Coyote:  Dec. 27th    Pappa Dawg Blues:  Dec. 28th

Lake City Casino:   Rann Berry & The Random Act:   Dec. 31st (New Year’s Eve) 

Turtle Bay Pub:  Non Prophet Society:  Dec. 20th  

Notable Concerts:  

Prospera Place:   Blue Rodeo:   January 6th/2014   Hedley:   Feb. 15th   Yes:   March 21st 2014

Kelowna Community Theatre:  Matt Anderson:   February 2nd   The Johnny Clegg Band:  April 27th 

South Okanagan Events Centre (Penticton):       The Band Perry:  January 9th-2014   Barenaked Ladies:   January 19th   Kenny Rogers:  February 27th 

Interior Savings Centre (Kamloops):  George Thorogood & The Destroyers:   May 1st 2014


                 …if you have a musical story or news and would like me to write something… drop me a line at:  [email protected]  and let’s celebrate Kelowna’s rich and varied music community together!!.....

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