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Canada by rail

What better way to experience Canada than by a great Canadian travel tradition ... rail!

Why travel by rail? For one, peace of mind. Anyone who's experienced air travel over the last few years has experienced long lines, heightened security, and a general sense of insanity. (JK) Rail travel on the other hand is a very relaxing experience. Self check-in online or at kiosks in the station, no lines to worry about for security, luggage, etc. Check in and hop on. Comfortable seating allows a more enjoyable trip with amazing views. Rail has become a more charming experience than other forms of travel offering a heightened level of service than conventional means of transportation. With freedom of movement and no lengthy safety spiels or too tight seat belts, you're free to browse about the cabin moving from car to car. Have a meal, take a nap, enjoy a book or take pictures of the ever changing views.. all without disturbance. Enjoy the comfortable seating that provides ample leg room along with a turbulence free experience - all while enjoying scenery (and wildlife) seen no where else on earth.
Since its birth in 1990, the Rocky Mountaineer rail company, (a B.C. family owned business) has become the largest privately owned passenger rail service in North America and has treated over one million guests in its 24 years. The goal of such a company: provide the most spectacular and unforgettable travel experiences in the world. And where else to institute such an experience than right here in our own beautiful British Columbia? The Rocky Mountaineer offers over 45 different Canadian rail packages on five distinctive rail routes through British Columbia and Alberta. This world renowned, award winning, luxurious train, travels by daylight through the beauty of Canada’s West and is the best way to experience the Canadian Rockies, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Add an Alaskan Cruise or a trip to the beautiful mountains of Whistler. With over 45 itineraries to choose from there are a variety of options and travel dates for most budgets and travel styles.
Want to venture further than B.C. and Alberta? Then VIA Rail has just what you're looking for! With 19 cross country rail routes you can literally rail road it form west coast to east coast and back. Divided into 4 sections of options you can experience the Rockies & Pacific, Prairies & Northern Manitoba, Ontario & Quebec or, Atlantic Canada. With free onboard WiFi and consistent cell phone usage coverage areas, you can stay in touch while experiencing breathtaking scenery and views. Add a hotel stop in each location and experience places not easily accessible other than by rail (or road) such as Pakatawagan Manitoba, White River Ontario or Jasper Alberta. With sleeping cars and lounges the ride is smooth and comfortable all the way. There are a variety of fares and schedules to choose from as well as deals and discounts to be had such as senior's rates, children's fares, booking bonuses and more!
Heading somewhere in Canada this summer? Talk to your Travel Agent today about a rail option versus an air option.

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