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Spring fever anyone?

It's that time of year where we're so close to summer yet it seems so far from the sun, sand and warmth. And those of us who never got a chance to get away over winter have got it.... spring fever! The nagging need for a quick get-away, a rumble outside the valley. A break from life in general to recharge and prepare our minds and soul for the beautiful summer we await. How to tamper this beast within? How about that quick trip south to recharge and rejuvenate! Here are a few suggestions for a 3 to 5 day holiday that won't break the bank but will re-energize the soul to hang on for just a little longer..... Just what the doctor ordered!!

San Diego California - with average daily temperatures in the mid 20s for May, there's rarely a cloud in the sky or an overcast day! And with warm sandy beaches open for play there's plenty of places to work on that time in the San Diego bay area. Spend a day shopping in the famed San Diego Zoo or the Wild Animal Park. Or spend time at some of the world's finest eateries along the marina or in the Little Italy district. With great connections from Kelowna, San Diego is only a couple quick hops away! Visit the official tourism site here : http://www.sandiego.org/ 

Cabo San Lucas - what a better place to get away to than the Baja Peninsula on the pacific coast of Mexico. With average May/June temperatures in the high 20s to low 30s the climate resembles Palm Springs and has little to no rainfall. With great connections from Kelowna with WestJet, a 5 day stay in sunny Cabo may be just what you need! A variety of accommodations are available from home or condo rentals to luxury 5-star all inclusive resorts. Your travel agent can help you with flights and the best accommodations for your needs. See more about Cabo here : http://visitloscabos.travel/ 

Yuma Arizona - the 100 year old desert oasis sits on the edge of the Colorado River and is a short drive away from the Mexican border. An RV lovers hot spot with an abundance of RV parks and campgrounds awaits. With agriculture being the #1 industry in Arizona, Yuma has developed Agro-Tourism. Visit some great farms, wineries and local butcher shops, eateries and bakeries. See more about Yuma here: http://www.visityuma.com/index.html

With many more amazing places to visit just south of the border the variety of locations for a quick get-away are endless! Stop in to see a professional travel consultant today to arrange your get-away!

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