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Female leaders make a mark

On March 8, women and men from across the globe come together annually to commemorate International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to closing the gender gap and celebrating the cultural, economic and social achievements of women everywhere.

Values such as respect, collaboration, and equality guide the movement behind International Women’s Day and work to initiate action to support gender parity and women’s rights.

Prospera Credit Union, headquartered in Abbotsford B.C., is committed to helping women in business and
believes it is uniquely positioned to make a meaningful difference in their personal and professional

Women represent more than 74 per cent of all employees at the credit union, 66 per cent of the board
of directors, and 50 per cent of the senior leadership team. Prospera also has a growing women’s leadership group that inspires women leaders of tomorrow.

Women play a critical role at Prospera and are vital to the continued success of the credit union and their business communities.

“Everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential and International Women’s Day helps
make that happen,” says Diane Dou, the chief operating officer at Prospera Credit Union. “Whether they
are business owners or a part of the team, women are a vital part of our business communities and our
goal at Prospera is to support them in their business endeavours and help them to succeed.”

According to Statistics Canada, women-owned businesses account for 17 per cent of the economy, and
this number is on the rise faster than any other subset of the population.

Women in business have historically faced unique challenges achieving work-life balance and Prospera wants to be a part of the conversation focused on removing these barriers and ultimately building greater success for women in business.

Prospera has partnered with the Wonder Women Society, a not-for-profit located in Abbotsford and operates throughout British Columbia, to help empower women in business. The Wonder Women Society offers free workshops for women on health, wellness, education, business, and employment.

Prospera has partnered with the organization to offer a scholarship for women who want to begin, return to, or continue their education. Learn more about the Wonder Women Society here.

Join Prospera Credit Union and others on International Women’s Day to recognize the women we have
in our lives and celebrate the positive impact they have every day–in the workplace, in the home, and
in the community.

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