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How to reduce high electrical bills

Were you frustrated with the high cost of your electrical utilities this past winter?

Was the two tier system sending your bills sky high?

Are you wondering what you can do to lower your electrical consumption?

I’m not sure if you have any of these issues but if you do, then like me, you’re thankful that it's summer and you can put the high cost of heating your home electrically behind you. Or can you? Now is the time of year that you will be firing up your air conditioner, another huge draw of energy to take the place of the heating system.

These are thoughts and questions shared by many of the homeowners and renters in the Okanagan. Perhaps you are aware of Certified Energy Advisors that can come into your home and tell you how to make the house itself more energy efficient. But many people own older homes and know that they are probably not the most efficient homes and know that it could use some upgrades (windows, doors, insulation etc…), so why pay for someone to come into my home and tell me what I already know?

Have you ever given consideration to how you and your family or roommates use the house you live in?

But I turn out the lights in rooms I’m not using, I try not to run too many appliances at the same time and I only turn on my A/C when absolutely necessary, WHY ARE MY BILLS STILL SO HIGH???

Total Home Solutions has taken the energy evaluation of the house itself to the next level, and now can incorporate ALL of the base load energy usage as well as how you operate your home combined with how your house is built and show you exactly where your hard earned money is going. Not only will we show you where your house and behavior use the most energy we can actually help you to lower your consumption so you are no longer above the 2 month 2500 kwh two tiered billing cycle.

An energy evaluator will come to your home and sit down with you to address your concerns. We will look at how the house is constructed and take everything into account. We then complete an in-depth interview with the people occupying the home to get a better understanding of the different usage of the electrical usage in the various rooms in the home. Followed by a room by room analysis of the electrical appliances and lighting that use energy. Once all that data is collected we can compare the estimated consumption and payment with your actual consumption and payments and show you where the bulk of your money is going. We then offer recommendations on how to cut down on your consumption thus saving you money! If there are any financial implications for upgrading your home we also show you the payback period on each one as well as let you know of any rebates available to help offset this cost.

If you are someone who is frustrated with your current electrical bills and would like to know how to reduce the consumption then this is the perfect program for you!!

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Scott is an energy conscious eco-ambassador passionate about making energy conscious decisions that affect our ecological footprint.  Scott has ventured into some very vast and different career opportunities that have culminated into a unique skill set that allows him the confidence, skill and freedom to pursue his current career as a Business Development Specialist in Energy Efficiency for Residential Renovations and Construction. Scott has been involved in many aspects of residential renovations and construction and pursued an education in Architectural Technologies giving him the knowledge and expertise to utilize all his accumulated skills to his advantage.

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