The Mortgage Gal

Mortgages For Self Employed

May 7, 2004 / 12:01 am

Self-employed? Arranging a mortgage can be quicker and easier than you think. Over the years an increasing number of Canadians have become self-employed, often...

Adjustable Mortgages

Apr 7, 2004 / 6:00 am

Next to critiquing the decorating taste of your home’s previous owner, playing the “adjustable mortgage game” may rank as one of the most popular (and...

Use a Mortgage Broker?

Mar 31, 2004 / 6:00 am

For most of us, our ideas about mortgages have been instilled by years of past experience with traditional products in traditional institutions. Long-held...

Mortgage Tips

Mar 25, 2004 / 5:00 am

Well, the pop and sizzle of New Year’s Eve is a distant memory and by now many well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions have probably fallen by the wayside....

Lower Than Prime Rate?

Mar 9, 2004 / 6:05 pm

"Lower than prime," you heard someone say. Like most Canadians, you were probably first skeptical and then confused. We tend to think of the prime lending rate...