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Well, I can’t lie. 2017 has begun with an onslaught of negative elements. Unsettled economy, fear mongering, chaos, a sense of hopelessness. 

Losers are somehow winners and we are all questioning what kind of political atmosphere lies ahead. 

Last week, I overheard some 20-somethings discussing whether waiting in queues at the Louvre to view the Mona Lisa was a better option than just experiencing it through virtual reality electronics. 

Imagine, African safaris, Belizean reefs or the wonder of Machu Picchu, all from the safety of your own couch.

Technology and terrorism working hand in hand to further limit the wondrous exploration of this amazing planet of ours. 

I refuse to believe that the adventurers in society are a dying breed. Thankfully recent studies show a rising trend in a more immersive style of travel and destination choice.


Culinary travel is not new to 2017, but the rise in viable experiences being offered in an ever-growing list of countries is. 

Italy and France have made way for culinary immersions in Vietnam, Argentina, Costa Rica and India to name but a few notable choices. 

Classes range from simple local cooking schools to Michelin rated restaurants.

Wellness and spa travel is appealing to those of us wishing to unplug from our 24/7 connectivity to social media and the workplace. 

Resorts are offering wifi-free zones coupled with an active itinerary and classes committed to your physical and emotional well-being.

Motivational travel speaks to the increasing desire to explore new destinations in an immersive and authentic manner. 

Eating and staying with locals is expected to be an important component in many travel itineraries for 2017. 

The threat of global warming has lead to an increased popularity to those areas most affected by rising oceans and temperature. 


Cuba – Likely to be the fastest changing destination in 2017. The death of Fidel Castro and the lifting of the U.S. embargo will unleash an unprecedented interest in this Caribbean island. 

U.S. travel suppliers have already blocked large room allocations in both Havana and Varadero. Time is running out to experience the rhythmic pulse of this Caribbean nation before the Starbucks and McDonald's branding begins.

Sri Lanka – Emerging neck and neck with Myanmar as the top S.E. Asian destination for 2017, Sri Lanka ekes ahead with its beautiful beaches as well as it’s once in a lifetime game encounters in the Southern regions. 

It's so much more than just temples, tigers and tea. Relatively uncommercialized, Sri Lanka offers an authentic experience along with inexpensive accommodations and transport.

Colombia – Once one of the most feared and dangerous destinations in South America, Columbia has shaken its dubious reputation and emerged as the most popular country in South America.

A perfect choice for the active adventurer, Colombia offers mountains, jungles, beaches, rivers as well as archeological sites and vibrant cosmopolitan cities. 

Music permeates the fabric of society and the warmth of the Colombian hospitality cannot be resisted.

Slovenia – Due to the popularity of Croatia, travellers have begun to set their sites on the rest of the Balkan coastline.  Like her neighbour, Slovenia can be easily explored in a week and offers a much less expensive and busy atmosphere.  

The capital city of Ljubljana is prized for its café culture and its beautifully preserved old town. 

Antarctica – The region most likely to be adversely affected by global warming. Harshly beautiful is how many visitors describe their once in a lifetime adventure. 

Unequivocally transforming due to climate change, your opportunity to visit this grandeur exists within an ever-closing time frame.   


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