Change: The one sure thing

Change is a circumstance that can be viewed with either anticipation or trepidation. It is something that is, ironically, the one thing we can count on. Relationships, work environments, the world around us.  It’s all in how we accept, adapt and move on that determines our resilience.

From a purely physiological viewpoint, change, such as learning new skills or even just trying new activities, causes the brain’s neurons to “fire” in new ways to create different learning patterns. In other words, it keeps the brain young. 

I’ve been a gym rat for years, and had, like most, fallen into a routine of sorts. Last week I showed up at a new gym for what I thought was a pedal class (spin maybe?). Turns out it was something called ‘pound’. 

My initial reaction was to politely bow out. I didn’t know what it was, wasn’t sure if it would be enough of a workout. Thankfully I was persuaded to at least give it a shot. 

Well, not only was it a fantastic workout, it was also an incredibly fun and laughter-filled class. Afterward, a few of us chatted with the instructor who insightfully shared that most people fear moving out of their comfort zone because they don’t want to take the chance of looking silly as they learn a new skill or routine. Pushing past that uncomfortable feeling allows growth, and the confidence to accept that everyone has their own learning curve.

Many people who profess that they want change in their lives actually sabotage opportunities through fear-based thinking. Take new relationships for instance. It’s difficult to keep past disappointments and experiences out of a budding new romance, you can catch yourself reacting to an innocent comment in a way that has nothing to do with the new person in front of you. 

Or you catch yourself fast-forwarding and grasping for guarantees that this will work out, rather than relaxing and enjoying the journey. Learning from past experiences is healthy, but reliving them over and over again is not.  

I know that I struggle with the devil you know mentality at times. There are times when I feel stuck or uninspired in my career, and yet when I am offered a new opportunity, I hesitate.  The what ifs take over, and I placate myself with assurances that where I’m at is not that bad.  I envy a friend whose job was phased out. She didn’t have to take that leap of faith in herself.

Manifesting change in one’s own life does require a reassessment of your own beliefs. You have to be your own cheerleader and best friend, and turn the negative what ifs into positive what if’s. 

It’s really all a matter of perspective. I can completely relate to the reality that sometimes life’s responsibilities take precedent over taking that chance. Your own welfare is not the only thing at stake, but you can still take small steps toward a new end result. First up, surround yourself with people who endorse and support your dreams and aspirations.  

Change is an ongoing process. Whether it’s something you sought out or it was thrust upon you, you have to examine and deal with the emotions and feelings it creates. Through this you grow, and become the person you’re meant to be: The best version of yourself.  

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