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Are you looking for a family holiday that offers something beyond the all-inclusive indulgence of a mass-marketed resort experience? Something that will bridge the gap between generations ,and engage everyone through a shared experience, activity and/or exclusive life-changing adventure? 

It’s difficult when challenged to create a holiday that will engage the varied interests and abilities of a multi-generational family group.

Tauck’s Bridges program takes the guesswork and pressure off your shoulders and delivers an exemplary family adventure experience. Discover the world . . . discover your family.

Why a guided family vacation?

It’s effortless ~ all the details are handled for you, you’re free to have the time of your life with your family. No one gets hungry or cranky, and entertaining the kids is someone else’s job.

It’s an extraordinary way to travel ~ once-in-a-lifetime experiences are built into the vacation. Imagine seeing the Sistine Chapel for the first time in a private after-hour’s session. No rushing, no crowds, doing and experiencing things as a family that no individual could possibly arrange on their own.

It’s a tremendous value ~ all-inclusive upfront pricing takes care of all details: Meals, accommodations, transportation, activities, even tipping. Every detail is included, no surprise expenses.

It’s fun for all ages ~ Bridges specializes in multi-generational family vacations and nothing else, every itinerary offered is specially designed to engage family members of every age. Whether you travel with other like-minded families or do a private large family group, you will do amazing family activities, see incredible sights, meet fascinating locals, and immerse yourselves in exotic cultures.

Your vacation is a true vacation ~ no unnecessary hassles, line-ups or ‘are we there yets?’. 

The concept behind Tauck Bridge’s programs is to create a family vacation that is culturally enriching and engaging, one that challenges your children to engage in new environments, inspiring them with hands-on learning activities which lead to unforgettable discoveries. Imagine making Celtic jewellery in Ireland, pizza in Florence, dancing with Maasai warriors, or driving a sled dog racer in Alaska. 

The Bridge’s tour directors work exclusively within the family program, and are specifically chosen for their kid-friendly approach and adaptability. They work behind the scenes to orchestrate your hotel check-ins and outs, transport your luggage, coordinate your transportation, arrange your sightseeing, and provide invaluable insider stories and special treats that make the whole experience fabulous.

Programs include departures to Europe; river cruises along the Rhine, Danube and through France; the National Parks of the USA; African Safaris; the Galapagos; Costa Rica; and the mystical allure of Machu Picchu. 

Canadian residents benefit from a ‘two nights free’ promo (pre or post tour) if reservations are made before Dec 31st, 2015.

Tauck Bridges Family Adventures   

Small groups of 24 maximum mean that the Tauck Bridges programs book up well in advance.  The majority of programs operate June through August but many also depart over spring and winter school holidays. 

For that once-in-a-lifetime family vacation which combines outstanding accommodations, exclusive behind the scenes access, unique activities specifically designed to facilitate rich life-enhancing opportunities, and complete freedom to enjoy your surroundings and your family, consider Tauck Bridges.  

Be a hero: Deliver the perfect family vacation.

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