Aman Resorts: You're worth it!

The ultimate in indulgence, the Aman Resort chain should be an experience that we all aspire to at least once in our travel history!

The Aman Resort concept was born of necessity. Adrian Zecha, one of the founding members of the Regent Hotel chain had sold his shares in 1986 for a cool $30 million. He was looking to build a luxurious vacation home in Phuket but was denied loans by the bank due to the location’s inaccessibility. Undeterred, he turned to friends and investors to subsidize the cost and built a number of rental villas on the site to create a subsequent revenue cash flow. In 1988, the first Aman Resort was created. Amanpuri was the vision of a unique style of luxury lodging. A concept which embodied the feeling of visiting a friend’s home, albeit a very wealthy one! The signature feel of each of the resorts is a lack of reception desk, chandeliers or elevators. A pure Zen-like ethos which permeates the staff, amenities and grounds and affords its guests the privacy and purity of the area and culture in which they are visiting. Spa facilities, fitness centers, activities and guides all at your service.

There are currently 28 properties within the Aman chain, stretching from Asia to Europe to North Africa and the USA. Favorites of celebrities and CEOs, the unfailing brilliance of the Aman experience is so much more than just unrivalled luxury, other worldly service and exquisite attention to detail. Guests of the Aman Summer Palace in Beijing have access to a secret gate to the Palace’s private gardens. The Aman Grand Canal in Venice affords its guests after hour visits to the Doge Palace and St Marks Clock Tower. The largest of the hotels is the brand new Aman Tokyo located in the top six floors of the newly constructed Otemachi Tower. An urban oasis high above the streaming consumerism below, the Aman Tokyo offers 80 suites for its exclusive clients’ discretion and enjoyment. The smallest of the Aman properties is the eight suite gem on the Budva Riviera of Montenegro, Aman Sveti Stefan.

While Aman Resorts offer all the comforts, luxuries and relaxation guests could desire, the Aman Villas take your vacation experience to an entirely different level! The villas are the ultimate tier in terms of accommodation and are located adjacent to a number of the resorts. Available both for purchase or rental, the villa experience offers all the facilities and services of the resort in consummate privacy. Perfect for family gatherings, wedding groups or even business meetings, the villas provide all the benefits of housekeeping and concierge services as well as the option of a personal chef.

Expect to see future openings in city centers such as Paris, London and Shanghai as well as resort destinations such as the Dominican Republic.

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