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I just recently returned from a whirlwind tour of Merida and Palenque, Mexico as well as Guatemala and Belize. The focus was on the Mayan Ruins of the area – Chichen Itza, Palenque National Park and Tikal. In the course of two weeks we travelled by private minivan, public bus transport and water taxi, never staying more than two nights in any one place! The trip was amazing and the sights and experiences as well as the wonderful friendships I forged were truly unforgettable. Then again, have you ever come back from a holiday needing a vacation?

Tours such as the Mayan Discovery are great for getting an overview of a country or to indulge a particular interest such as the Mayan culture, however, they can hardly be described as culturally immersive or relaxing!

In 1990, Bruce Poon Tip launched the creation of G Adventures. A unique tour company which offers affordable small group tours, safaris and expeditions which span the globe. I have personally travelled with them a number of times over the years and can attest to their value especially if/when you are travelling alone. They have a number of different travel styles ranging from the backpacker YOLO tours, the Basic tours and their value packed Comfort Tours. One unique faction of their selection is the Local Living experience.

If you’ve always wanted to get deep into a local culture and lifestyle this travel option may be perfect for you. It’s hard to get a feel for a place if you’re moving to a different hotel every couple of nights. The Local Living tours base you in a central location and then offer you some structure and scheduled activities but you decide which ones to partake of. The accommodation ranges from agriturisimos in Tuscany, family homes, converted farmhouses in Europe, jungle homestays, Masai campsites and Mongolian gers in the truly exotic destinations! A dedicated local CEO acts as your guide and advisor during your stay, organizing activities, recommending restaurants and offering in-depth knowledge of the local area and customs. The whole point of the Local Living tour is to give you a glimpse of how the everyday life of the area is lived by the people themselves. It gives you an opportunity to meet and interact with people that you may never have met otherwise. The Local Living tours are for travellers of all ages and backgrounds. That actually is a unique factor to the G Adventure experience. You are always travelling with people of varying ages, backgrounds and nationalities. Only the YOLO (18-39) tours are age restricted. It makes for an eye-opening and refreshing take on life. It keeps you open-minded and young at heart.

The Local Living experience is primarily offered in Europe with heavy influence in Italy however there are options available in Croatia and Iceland as well. More exotic options can be explored in Kenya, Mongolia as well as Thailand and the Ecuadorian jungle! Pricing starts from as little as $399pp for a 6 day stay and include transport to the accommodation as well as some meals and activities.

Join me for a relaxing and eye-opening travel experience! Check out the G Adventure Local Living Tour Options.

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