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I’m sure you all remember the chaos created by the record-breaking weather conditions in the Eastern provinces and States this past holiday season. The pictures of weary travellers bunking on airport floors and mountains of unclaimed luggage streamed across our airwaves for a good week or more. I was back in Montreal visiting family at the time and luckily had a flight home scheduled on January 9th which turned out to be the first track back to normalcy. During a layover in Toronto I had occasion to speak with a number of fellow travellers, some of whom had experienced truly terrible situations in the previous week. Unexpected hotel and meal costs, the necessity to purchase overnight clothing and toiletries and missed holidays were but a few of the complaints. In further discussion I was surprised by how few of these people were not aware of the insurance coverage provided by the credit cards in their wallets.

Often when we choose our credit card provider we are more concerned with the “cash-back” features or the “point accrual” and we forget that our yearly membership fee also provides some very handy travel insurance coverage. The card arrives in the mail and the accompanying insurance booklet is tossed away with the envelope!

A number of the Gold and Platinum cards provide Trip Interruption Insurance. A distance cousin to the better-known and understood Cancellation insurance, Trip Interruption is for all those little trials and tribulations that occur once the trip has begun. Things liked missed connections due to weather which require you to rebook new flights or in the case of our most recent situation …. having to stay in a hotel an extra two or three nights because all the flights home have been cancelled. Ever miss a concert because your flight was cancelled or delayed? Trip Interruption will reimburse you. Pre-book a ski holiday in Zurich and miss a couple days due to flight delay? Trip Interruption to the rescue again!

Another insurance benefit attached to many credit cards is Baggage Loss/Damage or Delay insurance. As long as your baggage is delayed for a minimum period of time, the insurance will pay for the reasonable replacement cost of necessary toiletries and clothing while you are enroute. However it will also provide a specified amount towards the rental of lost ski and/or golf equipment as well as purchase of golf or ski accessories (ie. gloves, golf balls, poles, etc).

Flight and Travel Accident Insurance as well as Rental Vehicle Insurance are other likely benefits attached to your various credit cards. Each insurance provider sets their own limitations. The afore mentioned information is simply an example of the benefits possible. When in doubt as to your coverage contact your credit card company.

Be prepared! Should you be lacking coverage in any one area, contact your personal travel consultant for information as to cost and application of specific insurance types. Your time is valuable and peace of mind precious! Before you travel “Know What’s In Your Wallet”!

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