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As I got onto the tube (subway/underground) in London this morning, I stood in front of two mature ladies who were involved in a very animated and friendly conversation.

I tried hard not to eavesdrop, but when you are in a crowded, confined space, it can be difficult not to absorb a sense of what is being said.

At first glance you would think they were old friends. They were smiling, laughing and making small physical gestures, that come with long-term relationships.

The first indication I got that maybe they weren’t old friends was when the English lady commented on how much she liked the Caribbean lady’s accent.

It wasn’t until one lady stood up to make her way to the door that my hunch was confirmed. They wished each other well, commented on how glad they were to have sat next to each other, and then their paths separated again.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you met someone you immediately felt connected to?

I met my daughter’s in-laws when they came from Australia for the wedding, but within a very short time I felt totally at ease. It is as if I knew them in a previous life.

Connection is more than interaction. It is interaction that is accompanied by a special feeling of ease and comfort. When you connect, you feel able to reveal more about yourself and you don’t worry about choosing the right words, or offending the other person. You somehow understand each other.

The ladies on the train bonded in the way friends do, even though they were unlikely to see each other again. I didn’t witness any exchanging of numbers or promises to be in touch.

I’m sure both ladies went through the rest of their days feeling a sense of positivity. They may well have thought back on their meeting with smiles. Although it was short, their connection served a purpose. It allowed them to feel a bond with the world around them, and experience a boost of happiness.

With Christmas approaching, you may be feeling the excitement — or dread — of spending time with family and friends. Not everyone has family or friends to be with. For many, it is a time of loneliness.

Connection is one of the most powerful ways to boost your happiness. You may not need more connections, but the people you connect fleetingly with just might. Everything you say and do unknowingly impacts others.

You won’t connect with every person you strike up a conversation with, but the more people you talk to, the more chance you will find someone you bond with. You may even find a new connection with a person you’ve known for awhile.

Embody the holiday spirit this year by making an extra effort to smile as you pass people on the street and strike up conversations with people you are standing by in line

What’s the worst that can happen?

They may think you are strange, or scowl back at your smile. On the other hand, they may respond positively to your greeting and return home feeing better than they left.

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