You are a hero

Dad, you are a hero. Period.

You are a hero until you prove otherwise. From the moment you become dad, you are put on a pedestal– it’s up to you to stay on there.

When a child is born, a father is born. But dads soon learn that mom is a baby’s number 1 for obvious reasons; a new baby needs mom. The hierarchy is simple; MOM, then everyone else in the world (the “not-my-moms”).

However, something magical happens for dad when a child recognizes dad from all the other ‘not-my-moms’. “Hey! This guy smells different, talks different, sings terribly, and holds me like a football running back – but he is safe, comforting, and I like this guy. I like him a lot!”

Your children will learn tons from mom, but there are many things they will learn from you. You are critical to their development – you have unique, wonderful gifts to share.

Your children will always look to you for guidance, values, strength, protection, and leadership.

  • Dad can pick up anything no matter how heavy it looks.
  • Dad can open any jar no matter who else tries to budge it.
  • Dad can fix or build anything, no matter how confusing the IKEA instructions appear.
  • Dad can survive third degree burns to his face and sideburns from the BBQ with the broken starter and leaky propane… but your birthday hotdog wiener roast IS that important.
  • Dad’s arms are always the safe haven when fear creeps in.
  • Dad can do anything. Dad has NO fear.

Can you see how your children see you? 10 feet tall and bulletproof – that is how they view you… do you see it? You slay dragons and aren’t afraid of anything in the closet, under the bed, or in the super dark and scary basement. You can face your daughter’s ex-boyfriends that can’t take a hint.

You boss may not always want your ideas and experience, but your children do. They need your story and your experience. You are the king of the castle and you have valuable lessons, values, and ideas to teach.

Dad believes in his children and instills in them the belief that they can do anything they commit too – regardless of gender. My children know and recite all my lines, “Boys can do anything girls can do except have babies…”

Your words and action all carry great significance. From how you treat the homeless on the street to the people at the fast food drive thru, and even to how you talk to or about mom – little ears are listening and little eyes are watching your every move. They may not always listen to your words, but they will not fail to imitate you.

You are the anchor…

The team captain…

The ROCK. Please never forget that.

Positivity, values, and inspiration springs from you.

If you could see how your children see you, even for 5 minutes, you would never parent the same way again.

Be Bold…. You are a Hero!!! Ditch the tights and cape – no dude looks good in those. You don’t need them, you are a DAD and that’s more than enough.

Until next time…

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About the Author

Jeff Hay is a Kelowna-based writer, motivational speaker, parenting coach, and father of four.

Along with writing for Castanet, Jeff also writes for the Huffington Post, the Good Men Project, and the National Fatherhood Initiative in the United States. 

When he is not playing his favourite role of 'DAD', Jeff speaks throughout Canada as a popular parenting educator, working on his website – www.thedadvibe.com, and writing his parenting book for dads, “Wait Till Your Father Gets Home!

Jeff dedicates his life to improving the well-being of children by increasing the proportion of children growing up with involved, responsible, and committed fathers.

E-mail Jeff your thoughts or questions anytime at [email protected]


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