Focus on the future

One of the distractions we have when trying to attain a goal is the obstacles that get in the way of our journey. The obstacles can stop us in our tracks and make us fearful of progress.
No matter what you are trying to achieve the one thing you can guarantee is change. Change often comes in the form of an obstacle needing our attention to be overcome in order to allow us to proceed.
Even a river wanting to flow from its source in the mountains to ocean is not able to flow in a straight line. A river however avoids the biggest mistake we all make.
When we meet an obstacle we stop and look at it, head on. It becomes like the rear end of an elephant at point blank range.. it is all we can see. The reason is simple... we lost sight of the future.
In order to overcome the obstacle and indeed our fear, we need to keep a very sharp eye on the future. The picture is never as clear as you might think, not unlike a 3D Pictogram. If you stare at the picture (your fear) it looks confusing, a mess. There is no order to a 3D pictogram when you focus on it. But, if you focus beyond it, look into the future and the picture becomes clear. You can see the solution! 
Imagine. By not focusing on the obstacle, you can see the future.
That is exactly what a river does. It focuses on the destination. It goes past the obstacle, continues to exert pressure on it, but keeps working towards its objective.
In the process, a river exerts enough pressure on the obstacle for it to eventually erode and roll away. 
Next time you become afraid because of a challenge, start thinking about where you want to go to. For me, it is to save a child’s life with safe drinking water, so I will always picture their faces in my mind which allows me to overcome the most difficult of obstacles.
Remember, to see the full picture, you need to focus beyond the 3D Pictogram.

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For the past twenty years Mark has been involved in real estate development and consulting and is currently a REALTOR with Sage Executive Group in Kelowna.

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