The tipping point

I love Malcolm Gladwell’s books and so I stole the title of one of his early books for this column.
I can’t help in challenging economic times but think about whether the odds are stacked against us, the regular work a day person. Perhaps it is a little like the game of Monopoly where your best friend suddenly has most of the expensive real estate and you are just paying fine after fine. Pretty quickly the warm and fuzzy feelings of friendship disappear.
Life can be a little like that. You wonder if you are at the tipping point. “Is this the point where I have no options?”  The great news is, we always have options. We are actually in control of our destiny but in order to get to where we want to go, we need to learn to control our minds. There are many examples of incredible achievements that have come from a point of immense adversity. In fact, those are the achievements we remember!
Like many other people, my family has had to re-think the way we live over the past several years. We have had to evaluate what we want out of life and yes, we even have had a pity party or two wondering whether we wanted to keep playing monopoly.
The positive tipping point is so much closer than you may realize. You see, as we look at a set of old fashioned scales, the point that Malcolm Gladwell makes in his book is that a series of small influences can have a massive difference on the scales. Simply add a small penny to one side and it tips, radically. Our lives are like that too.
Rather than consider quitting from the game of Monopoly, we should be thinking about the small differences that we can make to add value to the good side of our scales. I love the saying that the character of a person is determined not by what happens to them but how they react to what happens to them.
My new website is up and running (www.markjenningsbates.com) and the theme is “Searching for Trees in the Forest”. The point being that there are so many choices in life, it is often hard to even evaluate the correct one. I want to share with you in this column and through the tools on my website how you can make better decisions, be a little braver, overcome fear, engage with what you really want in life and win!
So don’t quit the game. Knuckle down, look for the small decisions that can mount up and tip your scales in the right direction. This year I believe, for many people, will be a pivotal year that will determine their direction for many years to come. 

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For the past twenty years Mark has been involved in real estate development and consulting and is currently a REALTOR with Sage Executive Group in Kelowna.

His column, brings a unique perspective on what may be important to us in the future as we come to grips with fast paced change in a world that few people barely recognize.

His influences come from the various travels he undertakes as an Adventurer, Philanthropist and Keynote Speaker. More information can be found on Mark at his website www.markjenningsbates.com


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