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Local tech startup hits milestone

Bananatag,a local tech startup, is off to a flying start. Launched in August 2012, the company has over fifteen thousand users and has already surpassed the one million mark for emails opened and tracked.

Bananatag allows individuals to track opens and clicks on their daily emails, taking the guesswork out of how recipients are interacting with their email.  Until recently, only marketers and salespeople using mass email services were able to track and see statistics. Bananatag has changed this by bringing the same capabilities to every day email users.

With thousands of downloads every month, the team at Bananatag credits their rapid growth to the service and the technology behind it. “We were astonished at the rate  at which the software has been downloaded and by how much it has been used. It has blown our targets out of the water,” said Corey Wagner, Co-Founder of Bananatag.  “Tracking daily emails is still a very new concept for many people.  In a few years though, people will look back on this and not be able to imagine sending un-tracked emails.”

Bananatag expects to increase their growth over the next year by building on the core product while keeping a strong focus on expanding elements that make the application more useful.  Close at hand is the release of Bananatag for Teams. The Teams feature will allow managers to link all staff email accounts and access team-wide analytics for sent emails, opens and clicked links. “Teams is going to be revolutionary for sales managers because it will allow them to see how their staff are performing, what sales methods are working and how their clients are interacting with their company,” said Wagner.

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