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FlyKly, The Smart Bike Wheel

Launching on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter on October 16, FlyKly aims to make riding almost any bicycle an effortless adventure. It has already reached the funding goal of $100,000, so there seems to be demand for this type of technology.

The Smart Wheel FlyKly has developed assists in pedalling with the power of a thin electric motor that exists inside the rim of the rear bike wheel. When you pedal the motor engages and can reach a top speed of 25km/h while allowing the cyclist to cover up to 50km before needing a recharge.

The package also comes with a mobile phone charger that connects to the wheel, allowing you to charge your devices as you ride. This is important, because the Smart Wheel connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone, allowing the rider to track distance, plan routes, and see how much charge the battery has left. You can even lock and track the wheel with a smartphone, discouraging theft.

It does look pretty effortless in the demo video, watch for yourself below or join in the Kickstarter funding.

About the author: Brad Parsons is the owner of Sticky Consulting, an Internet marketing & web consulting company based in Kelowna.

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