Tantra Yoga: Find your inner power

If you find it difficult to meditate, or don’t even attempt to try because the idea of sitting and emptying the mind seems like an impossible task, yoga is likely the ideal practice for you. Yoga, as traditionally intended, is meditation through movement. For those of us who find it hard to sit still, let alone quiet our minds, yoga is a truly amazing experience. Tantra Yoga is an ancient system and is at the root of all yoga practices. This gentle yet powerfully healing system will help you regain connection with your true self, your inner self, and help you naturally enhance your inner power.

There is a common misperception that Tantra is only about increasing sexual pleasure, an intimate area that may not be appropriate for this column. However, Tantra has many positive elements to it that are not only based on a pure intention, but are extremely beneficial for one’s spiritual path and physical well being.

Tantra teaches that sexual energy originates in the base chakras (located at the level of the navel and below) and can be moved through the body to the upper chakras, which include the heart chakra, throat, third eye and crown chakra. The act of moving the energy upwards is called subliming and provides an array of health benefits, while also producing feelings of bliss that one strives to experience through sexual union and love, both in the human form as well as the symbolic joining of the masculine and feminine energies known as Shiva and Shakti in ancient Tantric teachings.

Some of the somatic and physical health benefits that have been reported by women who practice Tantra regularly that occur due to the vital flow of energy that moves through the body and improved blood circulation are:

  • Improved muscle tone
-vitalized and rejuvenated skin
-disappearance of fat deposits

  • Decreased back pain and improved spinal improvement
  • Release of toxins

  • Maintenance of youth and vitality

  • Reduction in wrinkles

  • Improved complexion

  • Firmer breasts

  • Toning of the abdominal muscles and hips

  • Regeneration of the calf muscles

  • Increased feelings of happiness and for longer duration

Men’s health is also improved by the act of preserving energy, which results in a lot more creative energy and a healthier body inside and out.

Tantra also encourages a health regime that follows a diet system in which the yin and yang energy of foods are balanced in the same way that the feminine and masculine balance one another. This same theory holds true for any other polarity that comes to mind (two halves equal a whole). As with any desire to reach a heightened state of awareness and consciousness, maintaining a healthy body is of utmost importance and can further the benefits of Tantra as a pathway for health, happiness, love and spiritual awakening.

On May 31, 2014 purepower presents Harmony, a full day of self-development, discovery, fun and community where Kevin and Lara from Living Brightside, will share a tantric yoga practice that is inspired by their studies with Bhagavan Shanmukha Anantha Natha at Shri Kali Ashram in Goa India. This is a stoked up, on-fire loving couple on a mission to bring happiness, celebration, healing, and meaning into the world every way they can.  This is a wonderful opportunity to try a new practice that in just 20 minutes a day, can transform your life. We hope to see you there! For more information and to register for Harmony visit www.purepowerevents.com.

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