The value of crystals in the home

Crystals are used in calibration devices because of their ability to resonate uniformly. For example, in the production of silicon chips, and galena, the crystal form of lead sulphide, is used in radio sets. Certain crystals have the ability to produce an electrical voltage when subjected to mechanical stress. This is known as piezoelectricity. Science acknowledges that crystals are not mere lumps of rock, but complex arrangements of minerals, which have electrical and other properties.

Our homes are energetically-polluted by electrical devices, such as: televisions, microwaves, computers and central heating and air-conditioning. It is important to cleanse the electrical fields that can build up in our environment.

The Universe responds to the energy it receives from us and this energy flows like water. It constantly changes and shifts and it’s possible to manipulate this energy flow to change your own energetic vibrations. Crystals have the ability to store and transmit information in the form of energy patterns. In other words, they naturally speak the language of the Universe. Using them in your home can therefore enhance and correct the energy that flows through it, to and from the Universe, to help create a healthy, peaceful and abundance living space.

Here are just a few crystals that can be used for specific purposes in the home:

Amethyst: Absorbs and transmutes negativity. Soothes nightmares and aids creativity.

Aventurine: Calms tempers and brings balance to the family.

Blue Obsidian: Balances the digestive system and clears toxins, preventing infection.

Chrysoprase: This is helpful when moving, as it brings success to new enterprises.

Howlite: Very useful for helping insomnia.

Rhodonite: Encourages patience and harmony in the family, while providing enough assertiveness to help you stand your ground.

Rose Quartz: Brings self-love, heals emotional wounds and helps overcome grief of any kind.

Smoky Quartz: Washes away negative beliefs and emotions, including those brought about by electricity magnetic fields.

Tourmaline: Repels negativity, whether from inside or outside the home. Provides a protective barrier.

Unakite: Useful with sickness, as it helps uncover the true root of the problem, rather than just dealing with symptoms. 


When it comes to more detailed use of crystals in the home, start by considering what you keep there, and how it affects your daily well-being. Here are just a few of the items that crystals can have a beneficial effect on:

Clothes: So many of our clothes are made of synthetic material, rather than silk, cotton, hemp and wool. Synthetic fabrics weaken your energy field.

Food: We are what we eat, and sadly, many foods are over-processed and full of unhealthy energy.

Houseplants: Sick or weak plants will benefit from a drink of charged water. Try feeding one plant this way and using plain water for another and see the difference.

Beds: Your body sleeps to recharge itself, but often the bed retains old energy, which is stale and liable to make your more tired, rather than refresh you.

Your Car: We often spend many long hours in our car and yet completely ignore its energy field.

Pets: If your pet has a crystal in its cage or bed, you’ll find it will need far less visits to the vet.


To learn more about the placement of crystals, join Michael Rose, Manager of Bones & Stones Home Décor, who will be a guest speaker at Purepower Events’ Illuminate 2014, January 25 – 26 at the Laurel Packinghouse in downtown Kelowna. He will talk about crystal selection, placement, cleansing and gridding to create wellness, joy and abundance in the home. Admission is $6 at the door, 10 AM – 4 PM on both Saturday and Sunday, 1304 Ellis St. For more information please visit www.purepowerevents.com

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