Time for a makeover: Part 1

There is a Chinese blessing that says, may you live in interesting times. Depending on your attitude, you’ll determine how interesting those times are. Attitude is so much about what we do. It’s also about what we know versus what we believe.

We sometimes believe the things we hear and read. How does what we know versus what we believe affect us and the people around us? Belief is the stuff that’s untested. Knowledge is testing your beliefs with behavior. If our belief is things aren’t going to work out, those preconceived ideas about the recession and the economy will dictate our behavior. Some people believe that the economy is in the tank and will continue to be in the tank for years. If we believe that the economy will kill our business, we will do the things that follow that belief. Our actions will follow our thoughts.

These people take a back seat in the development of their business. They slash and cut expenses as their only solution to the economic issues they face. Their belief system and their outlook will focus on the struggle they believe is inevitable. They believe they should save money and build a war chest. Ultimately, they create fear. Recently I was speaking with a business person who told his people, “If we don’t sell more, we’re going to have to shut the doors”. His belief was that he would motivate them to work harder. Do fearful employees think, the company is in trouble and even if the boss is negative, I’ll work longer and harder, or do they start to look for another job? Or worse, do they stay and do less?

What happens to people in fear? They do crazy things. They reduce their service levels to save money, but in the process what damage do they do? They right size or down size to save payroll. Some increase performance pressure which increases performance anxiety. They put performance pressure on the sales force to perform super human things they were never asked to do before, but they’re now asked to do in tougher times.

Three words go with increasing performance: more, better, and different. Do your sales people need to do more of what they’ve been doing? Do they need to do things better than they’ve been doing them? Do they need to do things differently than they’ve been doing them? When was the last time you did a thorough analysis of your sales behaviours to determine what is needed? Should they be doing more doing it better or doing something different?

Watch for Part 2 January 21st.

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John Glennon is an authorized licensee of Sandler TrainingSM in the Interior of British Columbia.

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