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The ability to set goals and then by following through, achieve them, is a very powerful force. The short circuit occurs for most people when they don't commit to their goals in writing-and if the goal isn't written down, progress can't be tracked. And, if progress isn't tracked, success can't happen because the pathway to that success is lost. Writing goals down sounds pretty easy: So why don't more of us do it?

Here's a "Goal Setting Starter Kit" to change your belief system regarding setting goals for yourself.

There's probably a task or a goal you've been putting off for weeks-maybe even months-but not because you've forgotten it. On the contrary, if you're like most people, the guilt about your procrastination is driving you crazy. Maybe you want to clean out your basement, or you've been meaning to paint that spare bedroom. Whatever it is, write it down now. (Make sure it's something low risk. Adding a second level to your house or installing that new in-ground pool doesn't qualify as low risk!) Don't continue reading this article until you've stopped to write down your goal.

Next, take out a 3x5 index card and write on it the following: "I commit to [insert the task you've been putting off]." Next, write: "I will complete this by [insert a due date thirty days from today]." Now sign and date your commitment. Fold the card down into a small square about the size of a quarter. Here's the key: Carry that little square with you wherever you go during the next 30 days; it's your portable Goal Setting Starter Kit. Men, if you carry your change in your pocket, keep the square with your change. Women, if you carry your change in a purse, keep your square in it.

Every time you buy something where you need to reach for your change, pull out your little square, open it up, and read it to yourself. Then fold it and put it away again. After a while you won't need to open it up again because you know what it says-but do it anyway. If somebody in line at the grocery store looks over your shoulder as you do this, tell them what your card says. You'll probably feel funny, but do it anyway. Do this for thirty days and whatever you wrote down on your card will happen.

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