Premature presentation syndrome

Sadly, this is a damaging disease that afflicts many sales people. It occurs when a salesperson launches into a sales presentation or develops a quote before the timing and conditions are right. Why does this happen?

Well it happens often because we want to show our expertise. We believe that if we tell the prospect everything we know about our product and service, that prospect will be so overwhelmed and impressed that they won’t be able to control themselves and they’ll have to buy. Horse hockey. The real reason we do it is to make ourselves feel good.

By launching into a features and benefits dissertation, we get to show how good we are. “Yep, I know my stuff!” The problem often is we over present, or we present information that is not related to the prospect’s real problem. We want to sell what we have and not necessarily what the prospect needs. That may be convenient for us but prospect’s will not take you seriously.

The other scenario is the prospect wants a presentation before you have enough details to effectively develop a meaningful solution to their problem. Sales people beware! You should be very suspicious of prospects who simply want a price. It’s never the reason good long-term customers buy. If you succumb to this buyer tactic, you will be nothing but a vendor, someone with a product and price.

To avoid the affliction of Premature Presentation Syndrome learn to tell your prospects nothing. Until you have all the appropriate questions answered, have a full and detailed understanding of the prospect’s issues, including their willingness to spend what’s appropriate on the solution, you have no right making a presentation.

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