Beating the heat in Kelowna

You don’t need me to tell you that it has been really hot lately! And I mean really, really hot. Record-breaking, even! But before anyone even thinks about crying uncle, take a deep breath and repeat after me: summer is glorious. This heat is why we live and vacation here. It’s what we pine for in February. (Yes, repeat all of that.)

And really, the beauty of heat in Kelowna is that it’s dry heat. Stand in the shade and you find instant relief. Find shade with a glass of crisp riesling in hand and you’re laughing! Then there are the 30 public beaches that we have in the Central Okanagan with access to the summer wonder of Okanagan Lake. Or if you want something really exclusive, why not rent a Pontoon Boat from Okanagan Rent-A-Boat.ca and boat to a secluded cove or bay for an afternoon of swimming and lounging in the sun?

For those who like to stay active even on the hot days, the Myra Canyon Trestles are a great option for a long bike ride or hike. You can even rent bikes once you’re up there from Myra Canyon Bicycle Rental and Tours Inc. The higher elevation means that it’s always a little bit cooler than in town, and the trail meanders through sunny and shady sections – not to mention over the impressive trestles and through 2 mountain tunnels!

You can find a pleasant shady trail closer to town if you head to the Mission Creek Greenway. The breezes from the creek and the shade of the deciduous trees is a summertime treat; and there are always several other walkers, joggers, cyclists, and even horseback riders that like to use the trail. There are several entrances to the Mission Creek Greenway (it does after all stretch for 17.5 kilometers from the lake out to Gallagher’s Canyon), but I find that the most convenient for parking is the Springfield entrance (at Leckie Rd) or the canyon section from the Hollywood S. entrance.

And if these suggestions don’t cool you off on our hot Kelowna summer day, then head straight to the nearest ice cream shop and that oughta do it! Here is a recent blog post on our Tourism Kelowna blog that suggests a few fun and unique spots to find delicious gelato and ice cream. And then, find shade. Find a hammock. And take a moment to recognize how lucky we are here in Kelowna to have these hot lazy summer days that leave lasting imprints on our consciousness. 


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