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One very important part of the outreach that Tourism Kelowna does to promote travel to Kelowna is to host media personalities who will share their first hand experiences visiting Kelowna with their audiences. This work helps to create ambassadors whose voice strengthens the intrigue to travel to Kelowna with their audience. It also creates buzz around Kelowna as their stories are shared and discussed throughout social media networks.

Two excellent examples of this kind of promotion took place recently. Since we at Tourism Kelowna are very proud of our role in working with these media personalities, I thought I’d share them with you in this column to give you an inside scoop on some of the work that we do to market Kelowna.

The first example is a story that ran on May 13 in the Vancouver Province newspaper detailing Kelowna’s many artisan food businesses, top restaurants, farms, and wineries. Writer Michelle Hopkins really did a great job of showing the farm-to-table experiences in Kelowna – in other words, experiences where people can meet the farmers or producers behind certain food products that make it into the dishes of fine restaurants later that day. It’s an appealing angle for a story because there’s something about being “let in on” the origin of one’s food that just makes it taste better!

Readers of the Vancouver Province were treated to the first-hand account of meeting some delightful personalities in Kelowna’s rich food and wine scene, including Chef Jesse Croy and Eric von Krosigk (of Summerhill Pyramid Winery), Monika Walker (of Okanagan Grocery Artisan Breads), Jon and Sher Alcock (of Sunshine Farm), Chef Bernard Casavant (of the Wild Apple Restaurant), Chef Mark Filatow (of Waterfront Restaurant), Helen Kennedy and Rick Appel (of Arlo’s Honey Farm), and Jennifer Molgat (of The View Winery). Meeting these folks and learning of their commitment for quality and tremendous passion for what they and their peers are achieving makes for an inspiring read, and a compelling reason to come and visit Kelowna.

The second example of a media personality who is creating terrific buzz in his circles around visiting Kelowna is golf writer and expert Bob Weeks from ScoreGolf Television. Bob and his crew were in Kelowna filming television segments for ScoreGolf and TSN at various golf courses around Kelowna last week. Bob has over 3600 people who follow his tweets and countless more who tune into his blog to find out about the next top golf destination and trends in the world of golf. While he was here for the television shoot, Bob also kept his fans up to date on all the golf courses he visited, and proclaimed Kelowna to be “quickly becoming one of the top golf destinations in the country.” Coming from an expert who has had the privilege of golfing pretty well everywhere in the country and who is on the forefront of golf trends, these words carry a great deal of clout for many golfers in our key markets, and act as an impetus for golfers to book their vacations in Kelowna this summer.

We are proud of the significant media coverage that Kelowna is receiving from the perspective of a top Canadian food & wine, golf, and family destination. We post many of the travel stories on our website, so please check it out when you have a moment to see what all these travel writers are saying about our fine destination!

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Catherine is the Media Relations Manager for Tourism Kelowna and is dedicated to building Kelowna's intrigue as a travel destination through her work with the travel media. In her role she is fortunate to find out about Kelowna's many secret gems attractions, activities, and interesting people that are a surprise for travel media, tourists, and even for residents. This column gives her the chance to share with you the many things that make Kelowna unique and unforgettable so that you can glean ideas of places to visit or take guests when they come to town.

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