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Congratulations are in order: a local B&B has been recognized on the popular travel website TripAdvisor.com. Run by foodie couple Steve and Chrissy Marston, A View of the Lake B&B offers comfortable and modern digs at this perch above Okanagan Lake (yes, the view is spectacular), as well as unforgettable cooking classes by Chef Steve in the state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen. They have worked tirelessly over the years to build their cooking class and B&B business, going the extra mile to offer guests a unique and personal experience, and that effort has paid off: TripAdvisor has ranked this B&B among the top 25 in Canada – number 18, in fact.

This ranking is generated by user reviews, so it is based directly on first-hand experiences at A View of the Lake. The ranking is set once a year, so the West Kelowna B&B will enjoy being the 18th best B&B in Canada for the full year. In the meantime, A View of the Lake also enjoys the top position of Kelowna area B&Bs – a placement that clearly helped them secure the Travelers’ Choice Award of #18 in Canada.

Personally, I have experienced a cooking class with Chef Steve Marston on two occasions, and it was an experience I won’t soon forget! Steve and Chrissy engage their intimate audience with light banter and one-liners while they move around their dream kitchen with ease and grace. You should see this kitchen – induction stove, built-in steamer oven, all the counter space a cook could ever want – with comfortable tall chairs spaced around the outside of the wrap-around counter-island like something out of a professional made-for-tv kitchen. The three courses were delicious, involving locally-sourced ingredients. The best thing about them was that the dishes were things I’d be able to prepare myself in the future. And Steve offered tips along the way as to how to create flavor combinations that truly complement one another – tips that I’ve used often in my own kitchen since the demonstration at A View of the Lake.

So congratulations, Steve and Chrissy – the TripAdvisor ranking is a feather in your cap that confirms the hard work you’ve put in. And with over 8.8 million unique visitors for Canada on TripAdvisor, this endorsement reaches an audience of people who are actively planning their vacations and seeking independent travel reviews from other travelers.

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