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There are many great ways to get to know Kelowna’s downtown core’s pretty corridors and secret nooks & crannies – none more unique than taking a 90 minute pedi-cab tour guided (and pedaled) by Ed Kruger of Monashee Adventure Tours.

Monashee Adventure Tours began 18 years ago, founded by local Kelowna cycle-enthusiast and history buff, Ed Kruger. Ed originally built his business on guiding cycle tours of the Myra Canyon section of the Kettle Valley Railway. This über-scenic section of the now-Trans-Canada-Trail is rich with history and colourful stories, and Ed knows them all. He was forced to rethink his niche when fire struck in 2003 and his “playground” had to be rebuilt, so Ed turned his attentions to cycle-to-winery tours.

Ed’s success quickly grew in this niche, too. His infectious enthusiasm and hearty laugh has endeared him to clients looking for a little exercise, an unexpected history lesson, and a personalized introduction to the area’s wineries and locales. A regular at the wineries, Ed has the effect of drawing big hellos! when he enters a wine shop.

His Myra Canyon tours are also still a staple for him and a big hit with clients, many of whom are totally unprepared for the sheer awe of the Myra Canyon and the staggering scenery. In short, Monashee Adventure Tours gives clients access to places they wouldn’t necessarily be able to find on their own when visiting Kelowna – places that are nothing short of astounding.

But Ed is nothing if not adventurous, and it wouldn’t be an adventure without new tours and new offerings. To his portfolio he has added Pedi-cab tours of the downtown, allowing visitors to choose one of two 90-minute tours. The Public Art Tour visits 15 different art pieces downtown and allows Ed to regale his clients with fascinating information about the art and about the history of downtown. Any arts & culture aficionados would have a blast on this one!

The Orchard & Wine Tour is also a 90 minute pedi-cab tour that takes visitors to BC’s first commercial winery, Calona Wines, for a tasting, and ends with a stop at the BC Orchard Industry Museum in Kelowna’s heritage Laurel Packinghouse. Again – a fantastic introduction to 2 key industries that have impacted Kelowna’s identity over the years.

The pedi-cab comfortably seats 2 people, but a family with one small child could also easily be accommodated. The tours typically start in the downtown core at either the Kelowna Art Gallery or Stuart Park, although Ed is also happy to pick up visitors at their hotel and transport them downtown. Check out Monashee’s website for pricing and other useful information.

In the winter, Monashee Adventure Tours also offers a range of winter activities, like snowshoeing, ice fishing, and even snow biking! Have fun out there, and enjoy the ride!

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