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Interstellar is a must see!

There's no question for my pick of the week. The highly anticipated Interstellar was mind-blowing and incredible. Keep reading below for my other reviews this week. 



This mind-bender, time-bender blockbuster with a perfect soundtrack will awe you. It's a 3-hour long adventure and, just like most every Christopher Nolan movie, there were a lot of moments when I had no idea what was going on. However, with its brilliant special effects and cinematography, it's a must-see on the big screen. 

My Rating: 31/34

Reminded me of: Gravity, Inception, Wall-E, Elysium



Bill Murray fans rejoice! This story had the right amount of greasy characters, solid actors and heart to make it better than I expected. Murray entertains with his dry humour, grouchy persona, and his typical, but terrible sense of style.

My Rating: 27/34

Reminded me of: Dennis the Menace


Men, Women, and Children

If it was going for shock value, this movie had it in spades. It unashamedly exposed the secrets, the awkward lies, and the rarely discussed truths of life in a blatant and non-14A way. I admired its honesty, but this serious flick about internet, body image, and social media made me never want to have kids so they never have to endure high school. 

My Rating: 20/34

Reminded me of: Disconnect, Stranger than Fiction, Short Term 12


See you at the movies!

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