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Movie adaptation better than the book?

All the movies I watched and reviewed this week were originally books.. I've read "The Giver", but watching "The Hundred-Foot Journey" on screen has made me want to read the book. That being said, I don't think I'll read "If I Stay" anytime soon. Check out my tiny reviews below to find out why. 
The Hundred-Foot Journey

From the countryside setting, cooking, and kisses - this film was saturated with French. Helen Mirren was spectacular as always, but the whole cast worked really well together. An excellent story with some unpredictable twists, you'll need to watch this film on a full stomach to prevent drooling.

My Rating: 31/34
Reminded me of: Ratatouille, Eat Pray Love, Julie and Julia, The Exotic Marigold Hotel, and Million Dollar Arm. 
The Giver
Don't watch this movie because you heard Taylor Swift was in it since her short cameo can easily be missed with an untimely popcorn refill. I loved the use of colour throughout, and even though it was different than the book, the script held strong. It's unfortunate that with all the dystopian/utopian movies out these days, this one didn't really stand out from the others and may be easily forgotten.
My Rating: 26/34
Reminded me of: Divergent, Elysium, and Ender's Game

If I Stay
The whole premise of this movie is a bit strange: a ghost girl running barefoot around a hospital wondering if she should live or die with intermittent flashbacks to her life before. Her parents were instantly likeable, but I thought the supposedly gorgeous guy who was cast as the male lead was too old and made for some creepy chemistry. It's definitely geared towards the Nicholas Sparks-y demographic and all music lovers, but the script bounced too much between "super cheesy" "super creepy" and "super touching" for me to fully enjoy it. 
My Rating: 23/34
Reminded me of: Fault in Our Stars with a twist of August Rush, Safe Haven,Twilight, and The Host
See you at the movies!

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