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Guardians is worth the hype

It was a hit and miss this week at the theatres. Check out my snippet reviews for movies on the big screen that you might want to avoid and the ones you shouldn't miss out on! 



If you're looking for the best version of Hercules, stick to the 1997 Disney movie, since I'm pretty sure nothing can beat the musical version of this famous demi-god. This 2014 version was packed with testosterone, big battle scenes, slicing people, and filming Dwayne Johnson's muscles from every possible angle. I was surprised with the decent plot and funny script, but prepare for your typical over-the-top ancient Greece movie. 

My Rating: 24/34

Reminded me of: Pompeii, Troy, Gladiator, 300



This sci-fi served as a great reminder to never ever ever do drugs. Though the concept seemed promising, the script was terrible and weirded me out within minutes. Putting aside the fact that the entire premise of the movie is scientifically inaccurate (we do use much more than 10% of our brain capacity), it was filled with inconsistencies and jarring scenes. The only great part about this movie was that it was only 90 minutes long, so I didn't waste any more of my life. 

My Rating: 9/34

Reminded me of: Limitless, Turbo, Ninja Assassin, Planet Earth, Tree of Life


Guardians of the Galaxy

If Chris Pratt wasn't reason enough to watch this summer blockbuster, then let Bradley Cooper as a sarcastic raccoon convince you. The pacing was excellent, the soundtrack was brilliant, the script was hilarious and it had the right amount of action in it. Because I never thought I would never have such an emotional attachment to Groot, I would say this is probably my favourite action movie this year. 

My Rating: 29/34

Reminded me of: Star Wars, Avengers

See you at the movies!

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