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Dinosaur Robots and Doo-wop

This summer holds tons of action movies to choose from, but there were a few dramas out there I really enjoyed this week. Here are my spoiler-free reviews!

Jersey Boys 

This nostalgic movie will transport you to the 60s for inside look into the world of fame and fortune and the cost of it all. Based off a musical, it definitely has a strong Broadway feel, but the sets, music and costumes were excellent. Whether they are familiar classics to you or you're hearing the Doo-wop songs for the first time, you'll be tapping your toes and definitely leave with these catchy songs stuck in your head.

My Rating: 28/34

Reminded me of: Walk the Line, Gangster Squad, Hairspray



If you’re looking for a break from the action-packed blockbusters that seem to come out each week, this historical drama is a welcome change. Based off a true story, the elaborate sets and gorgeous costumes will probably get this movie nominated for some “Most Convincing 18th Century” award. It was very predictable, but with a great cast, it was still worth a watch if you’re into the “Jane Austin-esque” genre. 

My Rating: 27/34 
Reminded me of: Lincoln, The Butler, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Sense and Sensibility
Oh Michael Bay, you've really out done yourself this time. From Optimus Prime training dinosaurs, to Mark Wahlberg single-handedly fighting robots, there wasn't a building or car untouched in Bay's trademark overly explosive scenes. Even after suspending disbelief for 2.5 hours, the cringe-worthy dialogue made me never want to watch this movie again. 
My Rating: 15/34
Reminded me of: Transformers 1-3, Pacific Rim, Jurassic Park
See you at the movies!

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