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Sneak in Kleenex into theatres this week!

This week at the movies was an emotional roller coaster of tears, laughter and drama. Check out my concise reviews for your next movie night out!


This whimsical movie had a fresh storybook feel to it, but it was a bit off course from hitting its mark. Angelina's cheekbones had a solid performance but the acting seemed forced in a few parts, possibly because of a weak script. With a few unexpected twists in the story (it helps to forget everything you ever knew about the classic Sleeping Beauty) I did like the creative spin from the villain's perspective.

My Rating: 25/34
Reminded me of: Wicked, Alice in Wonderland (2010), Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Lord of the Rings
The Fault in Our Stars 
True to book, this depressing yet amazing movie is in no way "mascara-friendly". I mean, this tragic love story makes The Notebook seem like a comedy. When you combine superb acting with a great soundtrack, my only advice to you is to bring a box of Kleenex. 
My Rating: 29/34
Reminded me of: My Sister's Keeper, Walk to Remember, The Notebook
The Grand Seduction
I'll be the first to admit that Canadian films can be exceptionally terrible (check out my review on 'Enemy' with Jake Gyllenhaal), but Grand Seduction had the right balance of hilarious moments, authenticity and heart to make it a huge success. With very few big names, it will never be a popular Hollywood blockbuster, but I really liked that it was never trying to be one.
My Rating: 29/34
Reminded me of: The Barbarian Invasions, The Shipping News, P.S. I Love You
See you at the movies!

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