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"Marvel-ous" action movie: Captain America

It was a “hit and miss” week at the theatre for me, but hopefully you’ll find these spoiler-free reviews useful for your next movie night out!


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I’m not sure why America’s only hope for safety lies in the hands of a 95-year old war veteran, but I guess it makes for a good story.  Even though he’s not my favourite superhero, the plot twists and awesome action scenes made this a solid sequel. (Physics fans may not appreciate all the stunts he survived, but Marvel fans are used to it by now.)

My Rating: 28/34

Reminded me of: Captain America, Thor, Jack Ryan


The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson fans rejoice! Full of intricate sets, witty banter, quirky characters and a star-studded cast, this story has Anderson’s distinct art flavor all over it. Not family friendly, but if you’ve never seen a Wes Anderson movie before, you’ll be shocked to see Voldemort acting with a nose. 

My Rating: 28/34

Reminded me of: Moonrise Kingdom, The Royal Tenenbaums



There were so many things I hated about this low-budget Canadian movie. Slow to start, this 1.5 hr movie dragged on with its lack of plot, minutes of silence (spanning several scenes), no suspense and tons of HUGE spiders. So save your money and time and don't watch this movie, even if it stars Jake Gyllenhaal.

My Rating: 5/34 (And I'm being generous)

Reminded me of: Rust and Bone, Freaky Friday, Her


See you at the theatre!

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