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Can't decide what to watch in theatres this week? My snippet reviews will give you my top recommendations!


The Lego Movie

Whether you’re a 6-year-old Lego fanatic or haven’t touched a piece of Lego in years, this brilliant flick is sure to entertain all ages. The genius of this movie is woven throughout the detailed animation, old school Lego references, incredible voice talents, quote-worthy and hilarious script, and awesome action scenes. I certainly can’t wait to watch it again, so if there’s one movie you see this month, watch this one where “Everything is awesome.”

My Rating: 31/34

Reminded me of: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Toy Story 3, Wreck-it-Ralph.


The Monuments Men

This star-studded historical movie was not as fast paced as you’d expect, but it’s definitely geared towards history and art buffs. Even with the big names, I felt like it was a movie that might go under the radar because nothing really stood out to me. It’s still decently educational for a date night with a few funny parts, but don’t expect anything spectacular or mind-blowing.

My Rating: 23/34

Reminded me of: The Book Thief, Ocean’s Eleven.


Winter’s Tale

For someone who did not read the book first, Winter’s Tale was full of surprises. I certainly was not expecting the plot twists, cameos, or unfortunate massive plot holes near the end. But since it’s unashamedly a romantic fantasy, this one’s probably better for a girl’s night out.

My Rating: 25/34

Reminded me of: Stardust, Walk to Remember, Saving Mr. Banks, The Time Traveler’s Wife. 

See you at the movies!

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