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Junk drawer no more

We’re all guilty of having that ‘miscellaneous junk drawer’. You know the one we’re talking about: the drawer that’s full to the brim with seemingly random items that don’t seem to belong anywhere in particular. Start off by disposing of all the items that you don’t use on a regular basis. We recommend following these steps:

  • Empty the drawer completely and vacuum the inside of it to ensure it’s clean and free of dust, crumbs, etc.
  • Convert the contents of the drawer into 4-5 different piles. Try to group together items that have a similar theme. For example: stationery, takeout menus, home hardware, etc. In the process, throw out any items that don’t work, or that you could live without.
  • Place shallow, clear plastic containers inside the drawer. Sort the miscellaneous items into each container. Alternatively, you can use clear plastic sandwich bags.
  • Enjoy your tidy new drawer!


Shoe storage boxes

This one is a shoe-in! It’s natural to hold onto items that we want to throw away, but we just can’t bring ourselves to do it. Cards, thank you notes, stationery, and wedding favors fit beautifully in shoeboxes! These convenient storage boxes will help to store some of your memories out of sight. The best part of all: you can easily store these boxes in your closet, on a bookcase, or even under your bed. Maybe next year you’ll even go through these boxes and realize that you can let some of these items go after all.


Toiletry baskets

Instead of keeping cosmetics and toiletries in disarray beneath your bathroom sink, you can use baskets to organize these items. For the most versatile storage possible, try to select baskets that are rectangular or square in shape – these will be easier to fit under your sink and in tight quarters.

You should also relocate items that don’t belong in the bathroom. Also, dispose of any items that you don’t use, need or want. Once this is done, fill the different baskets according to the seasons: for example, your summer basket can contain sunscreen, aloe and bug spray, and the winter basket will have chapsticks and body lotion. Label each basket with the appropriate season and you’re set!


Where do you keep most of your clutter and when is the last time you went through it?

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Yoree Grozenok owns and operates 1-800-GOT-JUNK? in Kelowna, part of world's largest junk removal company. Years of operating this great business has given him wealth of knowledge and experience in recycling.

While other companies think of recycling as a 'nice thing to do', Yoree Grozenok built his business with recycling in mind from the very beginning. Not only is every effort made to recycle obvious items like scrap metal or cardboard, but the goal is set to recycle up to 80% of items picked up. They also recycle through donating items to charities or Kelowna Food Bank. All recycling efforts are tracked and publicly available for greater accountability.

Yoree Grozenok also started an annual eWaste recycling event that takes place each April in an effort to divert electronic waste going to the landfill. This drive give residents a chance to recycle their televisions, computers, and other electronic junk.

1-800-GOT-JUNK? was nominated for Green Business award through SIFE Okanagan.

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