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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Fun recycled Christmas tree ornaments

We know you love recycling. We know you love the holiday season. With North Americans producing more waste between Thanksgiving and New Year’s than any other time of year, why not combine the two? Learn how to make some tree ornaments yourself while also reducing waste!


Why throw away old puzzles when you could turn them into whimsical decorations? All you need is a glue gun, a ribbon and some paint (acrylic or spray) and you’ll be decking the halls before you know it.


What was once a burnt-out lightbulb is now a penguin, snowman or Santa (they’re perfectly shaped for ‘jolly’ things, aren’t they?). Put on your creativity hat and bring out your paintbrush, string, glue and other decorations–you’ll have a (literally) well-rounded group to hang on the tree!


Has your plant outgrown its pot? Make these great bell ornaments by painting old clay pots and knotting wire or ribbon through the bottom. Try gluing decorative holly to the top as a finishing touch.


Lightbulbs really make great recycled ornaments, don’t they? You can paint these old Christmas lightbulbs or use colored ones. Googly eyes + pipe cleaners + pom poms = so easy.


These beautiful creations from Martha Stewart (instructions ) are made from old greeting cards. They were too beautiful to toss when they were sent to you, so repurpose them into tree ornaments and you can continue to enjoy them year after year.


Glue old corks together into a seasonal shape and affix a ribbon with a tack or push pin.


Happy holidays!

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About the Author

Yoree Grozenok owns and operates 1-800-GOT-JUNK? in Kelowna, part of world's largest junk removal company. Years of operating this great business gave him wealth of knowledge and experience in recycling.

While other companies think of recycling as "nice thing to do", Yoree Grozenok built his business with recycling in mind from the very beginning. Not only every effort is made to recycle obvious items like scrap metal or cardboard, but the goal is set to recycle up to 80% of items that they pick up. They also recycle through donating items to charities or Kelowna Food Bank. All recycling efforts are tracked and publicly available for greater accountability.

Yoree Grozenok also started an annual eWaste recycling event that takes place in April in effort to divert electronic waste going to the landfill and give residents a chance to recycle their TV's, computers, and other electronic junk the right way.

1-800-GOT-JUNK? was nominated for Green Business award through SIFE Okanagan for their recycling efforts.

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