The life of a Real Estate Assistant

I am sure you will agree that most Realtors are pretty gregarious. If you put a bunch of us together in a room it gets pretty noisy, fun and even a little competitive! We enjoy interacting with people, the excitement of negotiating a deal and expanding our network of clients and friends.

However there is a lot more to real estate. There are a lot of i’s to dot and t’s to cross, photographs to catalogue, measurements to verify, adverts to design, database management and, of course, plenty of filing. This is often where an assistant can round out a team. My wife is our Assistant and she gets great pleasure and satisfaction from working behind the scenes to enhance everything that we do. She doesn’t mind the repetitive tasks, is happy when everything is organized and as it should be. When you need to find a file she can find it straight away with a flourish! Our clients appreciate that she has time to remember and note the little things, like the name of their new baby!

Isn’t it wonderful in the world that it takes all kinds of people to make things happen. A Real Estate office is no different, made up of many personalities, each with their own role. Take the time today to look around your workplace and note the different people that make up the team, I am sure they each have a unique role that suits them. Letting people know you appreciate their special strengths and skills is a great way to make a life long friend!

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For the past twenty years Mark has been involved in real estate development and consulting and is currently a REALTOR with Sage Executive Group in Kelowna.

His column, brings a unique perspective on what may be important to us in the future as we come to grips with fast paced change in a world that few people barely recognize.

His influences come from the various travels he undertakes as an Adventurer, Philanthropist and Keynote Speaker. More information can be found on Mark at his website www.markjenningsbates.com


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