The day peace and quiet ran away

Yesterday, I found peace and quiet. I was so excited and overcome that I put them in a safe place so that we could have a proper visit later, when I had a moment to spare.  Later came, and well, I think we all know how that story ends. They are now officially missing in action; or is it inaction?  I put up some posters in the neighbourhood but no one has called.  I fear the worst.

I should have spent more time with them when I had the chance.  Now they are gone and I am not sure they are ever coming back.  I was going to file a police report but that seemed like a dead end.  I knew in my heart of hearts if they had been found by someone, that person was never ever going to admit it, much less return them to me.

I was so careless and cavalier, thinking that there would be time to get to know each other better. I so desperately wanted them to feel at home where I lived; that was wishful thinking.  The dogs probably thought “stranger danger” and barked them away.  Let's face it, they were definitely new to our neighbourhood. Everyone knows peace and quiet can be quite skittish when confronted with two nervous Chihuahuas.

The strange thing is that they seemed to enjoy spending time with me as much as I did with them.  It seemed that we had a real connection in our short time together.  Maybe I was just deluding myself; maybe I was just a rebound for them.  They probably had a fight with some Buddhist caught in traffic and needed a soft place to land until the dust settled.

Now, I'm left with two radios set on maximum volume; one blasting hip hop and the other some sort of angry rap music. The kids are fighting over dishes and my husband is in the garage using tools powered by an air compressor.  There are no less than three televisions on, and the dogs are talking to everyone who walks within a block of our house. I've been reduced to speaking in a voice loud enough to be heard in Beirut in a vain attempt to get everyone to shut up, shut down, and shut off.

It seems like my life at the moment is not a safe place for peace and quiet to reside. I get it, I guess.  Perhaps one day we will meet again.  I wonder if we will know each other when and if we do?  Will I smile and embrace them as old friends, or will I feel awkward and not know what to do or say?  Will I miss what I will have to give up to have them stay? Is losing the busy chaotic bustle of my loved ones when they finally fly the nest the price I'll have to pay to win them back?

Sadly, with the housing prices these days, I have the sneaking suspicion that my children will be residing with us for a good long time to come.  So, I guess I'll just have to keep looking for peace and quiet and see if maybe they have a guest room I can stay in from time to time.

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