Which gun is the real gun?

RCMP and police departments across the province have, for several years, been waging a campaign against the indiscriminate use of replica guns.

These guns range from plastic dollar store guns and cap guns to airsoft and paintball guns.

All have one thing in common - they look real.

Some more realistic than others.

The latest incident occurred about 10 days ago in Kelowna where a 21-year-old man pointed a gun in a threatening manner in a back alley at Richter Street and Wardlaw Avenue.

The man was arrested and charged and the gun confiscated.

RCMP Cst., Kris Clark says officers were amazed at how closely the replica gun resembled the real thing - even up close.

Police continue to issue warnings to the public to keep replica guns out of sight when in public.

"Police don't have the luxury of examining a suspect's weapon before engaging them and have to rely on their knowledge, experience and perceptions in order to respond," says Clark.

"When faced with the apparent threat of a firearm, the results could be disastrous."

Police issued photos to the media Tuesday with the replica gun and the real gun side-by-side asking, "Can You Tell The Difference?"

Well - CAN YOU?

We'll reveal the answer later this week.

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