Did you make a New Year's resolution?

'Tis the season for resolutions. And many of us are already busy pledging that come Jan. 1 we will do more of some things, less of others, or stop doing still other things altogether.

But what if experts made your health-related resolutions for you? What changes might they try to persuade you to make in your life?

We at The Canadian Press wondered that. So we asked a number of doctors, health organizations and public health experts whose expertise we draw on from time to time to name for us the one health-related resolution they wish people would make for 2013.

1. Get some exercise.

2. Choose better foods -- and tell your government you want their help to do so.

3. Make the tough decisions -- and let your family know about them.

4. Learn to manage stress levels.

5. There was no clear-cut fifth resolution, but we did get a bunch of interesting individual suggestions. Here are some:

  • Resolve to drink less alcohol, suggests Dr. Joel Ray of St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto. "Give the money to someone else to buy food."
  • Make sure your vaccinations, and those of your family, are up to date, says Dr. Bonnie Henry, medical director for communicable disease prevention and control services at the B.C. Centre for Disease Control.
  • Give your kids a healthy start, says Dr. David McKeown, Medical Officer of Health for Toronto. "Feed breakfast to your kids, walk your kids to school, teach them to wash their hands properly, teach them to swim, talk and read to them, hug them. Small lessons learned early last a lifetime and makes a healthy community."


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