Have you gone through a road check?

On the Friday night, December 8, from approximately 8 p.m. to 4 a.m., members of the Integrated Road Safety Unit (IRSU) Central Okanagan Traffic Services, Kelowna general duty, and Auxiliary members participated in numerous road checks throughout Kelowna.  Members of MADD were also on hand.

Members sought to make the roads safer by ensuring driver sobriety, licensing, and vehicle safety.

By the numbers:

Twenty driving prohibitions were issued, including seven 90 day Immediate Roadside Driving Prohibitions (IRP), ten 3 day IRP's, two 24 hour prohibitions for drugs and alcohol, and a 12 hour driving prohibition.
Numerous roadside screening tests, and Standard Field Sobriety Tests were utilized.

Two individuals were arrested, one for breach of an order, another for obstructing a peace officer, and personation.

Seventeen violation tickets were issued for a variety of infractions, the most common issued involved driving contrary to restriction (an "N" driver under the influence of alcohol or with too many passengers).

We'd like to know if you have been checked at a road check?

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