Hockeyville cash for billboard?

Hockeyville could have its name in lights - sort of.

The $25,000 West Kelowna received for finishing second in last year's Hockeyville competition could be used to provide electronic signage at Highway 97 and Bartley Road.

District staff and the Hockeyville committee met recently to discuss ways to utilize the winnings.

Recommendations were provided to council this week.

The preference of the committee was the utilize the funds for something that would provide a lasting legacy and benefit the broader community.

The first choice of three options was installation of an electronic sign providing opportunities for community messaging and a landmark for the Mount Boucherie complex.

The sign, estimated to cost $125,000, could provide the opportunity to generate additional revenue for the District through advertising sales.

Staff will bring forward further information during the 2013 Capital Budget deliberations indicating benefits, impacts and the next steps required to complete the project.

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